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Intricate lace patterns against urban spaces

Artist NeSpoon crafts jewels in the most unexpected place

Jul 29, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Polish artist NeSpoon has a niche for covering gritty, grey urban areas with intricate lace pattern paintings. To create these traditional delicate patterns she uses both spray paint as well as hand-cut stencils that are strung like spider webs. The Warsaw-based artist believes in creating site-specific artwork that directly interacts with the space it is created in. Her sites of creation include walls, sidewalks and lampposts and she has even expanded to creating her works in abandoned houses, parking meters and other unexpected spots in cities. NeSpoon refers to her art as “public jewelry.” She explains, “Jewelry makes people look pretty, my public jewelry has the same goal, make public places look better. I would like people who discover, here and there, my small applications, to smile and just simply feel better.” Indeed, these works resonate beauty and elegance in unexpected and often over-looked places. 









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Learn more about NeSpoon and her work here 

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