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In Media Rinse

Cheuk Lun Lo shoots fascinating black and white series of shampooed hair

Mar 02, 2015 | By Staff Writer

At first glance, the subjects in photographer Cheuk Lun Lo’s series appears highly dubious and queer. Upon closer inspection, it is revealed that the swirly morsels in the photos are actually shampooed heads of hair from a top-down view that have been teased into tangles and swirls. The series, titled In Media Res, is a play on the latin phrase in media res, which means in the middle of things. Indeed, the Hong Kong-based photographer captures the moments that occur in taking a shower in a dramatized and playful manner. The shampoo bubbles along the curvy and swirly lines resemble sea foam, making the images look like aqualitc creatures. Lo’s photos show how the unsual can be captivating. Taken in black and white, these half-washed yet fully conceived hair styles are mysterious, yet stylish. 

Lo founded STUFF photographic studio in 2009. He has photographed and desined ads for Chinese leading and world leading luxury brands, magazines and advertising agencies. To see more of his work, visit Cheuk Lun Lo’s website here


In Media Rinse 1

In Media Rinse 2

In Media Rinse 3

In Media Rinse 4

In Media Rinse 5


In Media Rinse 6

In Media Rinse 7



via Beautiful Decay

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