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House of Cardboard

Dosshaus creates photography series showcasing vintage house made from humble material

May 22, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Zoey Taylor and David Conelly of the artist collective Dosshaus have captured a photography series featuring the interior of a retro-style house constructed out of cardboard. In this series, titled House of Cardboard, the artist showcase different aspects of this vintage-looking house including furniture and different found objects around the house. A model, named Taylor, is styled like a vintage cookie-cutter looking doll in the series and is showcased interacting with her environment. Everything, including the outfit she is clad in, is made out of cardboard, paint and clue. Taylor creates each intricate piece in the house while Conelly captures the photographs. According to their website, the artist duo first met in late 2010, and, “immediately recognizing in each other a kindred artistic spirit,” formed Dosshaus in October 2011. Their other photography works, including The Party, are also highly innovative and playful.  

House Of Cardboard 24

House Of Cardboard 23

 House Of Cardboard 25 House Of Cardboard 26


House Of Cardboard 28

House Of Cardboard 27

House Of Cardboard 29

House Of Cardboard 33

House Of Cardboard 30

House Of Cardboard 32

House Of Cardboard 31

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Images from the Dosshaus Website via mymodernmet 


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