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Grand Pale Maw

Sean Sullivan draws on the walls of LACE with a sharpie marker

Apr 07, 2014 | By Staff Writer

For 7 months, Sean Sullivan drew on a blank white wall at LACE in LA with a Sharpie marker. The result is a sprawling mural with incredible, mind-blowing attention to detail. The mural entitled ‘Grand Pale Maw’ covered the entire rear corridor space of LACE. According to LACE, ‘Grand Pale Maw engages the narrow rear hallway by emphasizing the idea of “passage” as a physical space as well as a narrative of inheritance.’ Yet, Sullivan has ‘thrown in the towel’, deciding to declare the project as finished as he exceeded his given timeline of 3 months from LACE by 4 months. Sullivan initially planned to document the different stages of progress but those plans did not pan out. Thankfully, we are able to follow some form of documentation with these pictures taken by Joey Morris when Grand Pale Maw was ’99% done’.

Grand Pale Maw 13 Grand Pale Maw 14 Grand Pale Maw 15

Grand Pale Maw 16 Grand Pale Maw 17

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