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Micaela Lattanzio shatters and re-arranges photographs of human faces

Mar 31, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Italian artist Micaela Lattanzio shatters photographs of human faces into bits and pieces to create his intriguing mosaic artwork. Her collection, titled “Frammentazioni”, goes beyond the traditional forms of photography by rearranging different fragments of a photograph to reveal a different perspective of the human face. Although the different fragments have been separated, the new shapes she renders still maintain some semblance of the original shape. Each arrangement contains a sort of dynamic movement that suggest a new life being created from the re-imagining of these photographs.  She literally uses human images as jig saw pieces, evoking a sort of psychological depth that could be read as anxious or even playful. Much of her works deal with fragmentation and rearranging of small pieces. 

Check out more of Micaela Lattanzio’s works here

Frammentazioni Frammentazioni 1 Frammentazioni 2 Frammentazioni 3 Frammentazioni 4 Frammentazioni 5 Frammentazioni 6


via Beautiful Decay

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