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Foot Fetish

Gwen Murphy’s whimsical shoe faces

May 23, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Gwen Murphy gives shoes a life of their own in a whimsical, wacky sculpture series titled Foot Fetish. In this project, she creates shoes sculptures with rendered faces that blend into the shoes. The faces range from humorous to frightful to sleepy. She also experiments with different brands and styles of shoes; from Converse shoes to casual flats. Murphy has also incorporated shoes from traditional costumes, such as the Indonesian pointy-style shoes, and has designed the face with the same ethnicity as where the shoe was taken from. The pointy part of the shoe look like the hair of the shoe characters, bringing more life and realism to the sculpture. Footwear ceases to play a passive role in our daily lives and instead take on a new life. 


Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish 1

Foot Fetish 2

Foot Fetish 10

Foot Fetish 3

Foot Fetish 4

Foot Fetish 5

Foot Fetish 6

Foot Fetish 7

Foot Fetish 8

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Images from the artist’s website & via Beautiful Decay 

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