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FJBAUR Presents The Mid-Point Between Art, Design and Fashion in Vienna

German pop artist Franz Josef Baur, presents a soulful yet vibrant and communicative interpretation of life in Vienna.

Apr 10, 2021 | By Julia Roxan

    Franz-Josef Baur

Showcasing rich heritage alongside a variety of wool and textile fibres, knitted and woven into unique shapes, German pop artist Franz-Josef Baur, or better known as FJBAUR, is revered for his ability to combine all aspects of art, design and fashion into a harmonious whole. Teaming up with esteemed Viennese fashion photographer Mario Schmolka, the duo present a soulful yet vibrant and communicative interpretation of life in Vienna, in ways never seen before.

Franz-Josef Baur – Mario Schmolka -Wienermodels

You originate from Germany, you are now based in Vienna. Tell us about your first steps as an artist? 

Vienna is the city of my dreams and makes me feel at home. Here I find everything that is important to me and here are a handful of very good friends. “Art” has always been a subject I’ve dealt with. At the age of 29, I freed myself from the classic career path that I had pursued very successfully until then, and with my first own projects I laid the foundation for what characterizes my artistic career today.

Franz-Josef Baur – Synapses & Neurons- Lukas G

Bright colours and wool are a big theme in your work. What motivated you to process these two materials together in your works of art?

There is a lot of my personality in my work. I am very communicative and like bright colours. Key elements from the beginning are intense tones in pink & orange. My material world changes from phase to phase. I love getting involved with new materials and always use them in the overall context of the cycle.

Franz-Josef Baur – Synapses & Neurons – Lukas G

What is your creative process like? 

There is no recipe for a creative process; every time it’s different, and that’s perfect.

Franz-Josef Baur – Mario Schmolka – Wienermodels

Where do you find your inspiration? What is the most challenging part about creating your artwork? 

I have to say that “inspiration” is a word that is often used in an ambiguous and very exclusive way. In the end, it is my entire life, my experience, my interests and my everyday life from which I draw my “inspiration” and create my work.

Franz-Josef Baur – Mario Schmolka – Wienermodels

What emotions do you hope the viewers experience when looking at your art?

Confidence, and the feeling that “yesterday” was just as great as “tomorrow” will be and vice versa. A very Viennese mood.

Franz-Josef Baur – Mario Schmolka – Wienermodels

Viennese culture is reflected in your art. What fascinates you about Vienna? How do you deal with the rather melancholic mindset of people?

As I said, Vienna is the city of my dreams –  architecturally, culturally and mentally.

Franz-Josef Baur – Mario Schmolka – Wienermodels

Which is the role the artist plays in the society?

For me, the artist is a mirror of society, a very clear one. Art doesn’t have to hide itself or flatter someone else in a detour in favour of someone – at least not mine. Therefore, it often happens that art is only understood or even appreciated many years after it was created.

Franz-Josef Baur – Synapses & Neurons

The five words that describe best your art?

Be different, Colourful, Crossing borders, Socially critical, Abstract

Franz-Josef Baur – Mario Schmolka – Wienermodels

Tell us about your major projects and highlights across 2021?

I am working now with Material Resin, creating Installations and a lot of ArtDresses. I love to work between the genres: Art, Design and Fashion.

Franz-Josef Baur – Synapses & Neurons- Lukas G

If you were to name one mentor who has inspired you in your life and path as an artist, who would that be?

Oh, I can hardly name only one Mentor, there are a lot of people who inspire me. I am a great admirer of the photographs from Robert Mapplethorpe, the Installations from Eva Heese, the discontinued works from Andy Warhol and the inspiring soulful Dance of Sergei Polunin.

Franz-Josef Baur is contactable through Instagram, with work available for sale via ART-Shop.

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