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Chris Maynard creates intricate feather shadowboxes

Jun 24, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Inspired by his passion for feathers, Chris Maynard creates his shadowbox feather designs. He started off photographing feathers and began showcasing his art in 2010. He recycles discarded feathers and uses them in his art. He reinvents and presents the feathers in new ways by cutting and arranging them. In addition, he retains the three dimensional shapes of the feathers, which allows him to play with light and shadows in his shadow boxes.

Not just for an aesthetic purpose, Chris’ art has a different story behind each piece. He believes that each feather carries meaning and personal experience, based on the bird it originates from. With skill and mastery, Chris uses eye surgery tools to make the minute cuts in the feathers and views it through 10 powered magnifying glasses. With sheer passion for his art, Chris produces remarkable and innovative works.

Featherfolio Featherfolio 1 Featherfolio 2 Featherfolio 3 

Featherfolio 5

For more information about the artist and his works, please visit his website.

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