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Facet by Yingxi Zhou

Foldable bag series inspired by traditional origami techniques

Apr 19, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Using traditional origami techniques, Maryland-based designer Yingxi Zhou creates this line of bags called ‘Facet,’ resembling a folded piece of wood transformed into a bag. The angular structures in this bag series take inspiration from traditional origami forms as well. In addition to the sleek design, the bag is malleable and can be folded into more economical forms for storage and shipping. It can even be folded into a storage box. Some pieces can be broken down and folded into smaller forms while some can be folded to lie flat. The bag is made from maple veneers and special fabrics. This fashionable and multi-functional bag is ideal for those living in smaller spaces, providing the option of compacting the bag instead of having them take up room in the closet. Zhou manages to take a traditional Japanese technique and transform it into a functional and practical design, hopefully inspiring more innovative designs as such. 


Yingxi Zhou Facet Designboom01

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See more of Zhou’s work here !  

Images courtesy of YingXi Zhou (via designboom

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