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Mike Larremore captures the range of human emotions in a fascinating photography series

Apr 30, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Mike Larremore showcases a range of human emotions in his fascinating photography series titled “Faceboard”. Quite literally, every photograph is a montage of 16 different shots of the same person giving a variety of facial expressions. From a mundane but pleasant smile to a contorted, ridiculous funny face. The photographer leaves out other superfluous elements like props and clothing. Larremore’s choice to focus solely on the subject’s face was so to strip each individual down to their bare essentials; which include their face and their emotions. This simple and intriguing photography series captures the multi-faceted nature of the human spirit. 



Faceboard 1

Faceboard 2

Faceboard 3

Faceboard 5

Faceboard 6

Faceboard 7

Faceboard 8


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Images courtesy of the Larremore via mymodernmet

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