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Expressive Face Masks made from Toilet Roll

French paper artist gives new purpose to toilet roll

Aug 13, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Paris-based artist Junior Fritz Jacquet has always had a fascination with paper since he was a child. Throughout the years, the artist has come to specialize in the craft of origami and paper folding, experimenting with various shapes and forms he could create from the simple medium. Jacquet has recently experimented with toilet roll, folding a fascinating series of weird masks from a single paper roll. For the series, he folded and squished the toilet roll into a variety of expressions. Each piece is finished with a coat of shellac and different pigements. Looking at these pieces, it is hard to see the medium as a cheap disposable. 

Junior Fritz Jacquet 1 650x650

Junior Fritz Jacquet 2 650x869

Junior Fritz Jacquet 3 650x507

Junior Fritz Jacquet 4 650x449

Junior Fritz Jacquet 7 650x325

Junior Fritz Jacquet 8 650x459

Junior Fritz Jacquet 9


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