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Envelope quilting

Artist Stephen Sollins uses used envelopes to make quilts

Mar 04, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Artist Stephen Sollins combines two traditions that are not so commonly seen anymore in the technological age: quilting and snail mail. In an interesting twist, Sollins uses old envelopes to make quilts instead of fabric. In-keeping with the idea of quilting as a means to preserve family memories and history, Sollins’s envelopes similarly have autobiographical significance. Rather than store-bought envelopes, these are envelopes that he saves from mail he receives. There are still remnants of writings on some of the pieces and coloured envelopes provide pops of colour in the intricately crafted and large-scale quilts. The envelopes are an unconventional choice but likewise prove appropriate for the preservation of personal history and journeys. 

Envelope Quilting

Envelope Quilting 1



Envelope Quilting 3

Envelope Quilting 4

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