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‘Emociones’: Jesús Curiá at REDSEA Gallery

In a solo exhibition at REDSEA Gallery, Spanish artist Jesús Curiá explores the human essence through bronze sculpture

Nov 06, 2017 | By Ilyda Chua

Jesús Curiá, ‘Big Sin Fin III’, 2016. Image courtesy REDSEA Gallery

Spanish artist Jesús Curiá explores the essence of the human being through bronze sculpture in his upcoming solo exhibition at REDSEA Gallery.

Titled ‘Emociones’, the exhibition will comprise of 22 sculptures spanning a period of four years. Blending figurative elements with abstracted bodies, Curiá’s creations reflect his ideas and feelings towards the contemporary, with tradition, modernity and ethnic culture being at the core of his works.

Artist Jesús Curiá

Blending his primary medium of bronze together with wood, stone, concrete and resin, Curiá attempts to express the complexity and multi-faceted nature of humanity, juxtaposing the soft against the hard, and the warm against the cold. Together with the visually ambiguous nature of his characters — which are both raceless and genderless — Curiá eliminates the qualities of humanity that divide and distinguish, presenting the human race as one of wholeness rather than individuality.

Jesús Curiá , ‘Heliocide IV’. Image courtesy REDSEA Gallery

‘Emociones’ will run from 18 November to 10 December at REDSEA Gallery. More information at

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