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Daughter Does My Make Up

Elly Heise captures portraits of mothers after being given makeovers by their toddlers

Dec 26, 2014 | By Staff Writer

What happens when you give a group of toddlers make up and ask them to give you a makeover? 

In Canadian photographer Elly Heise’s recent campaign #DaughterDoesMyMakeup, she celebrates non-conformity, innocence, natural beauty and maternal bonds. For a series of photographs, she invited a group of young girls (aged 3 to 5) to her studio, as well as their mothers. Giving them brushes, powder, lipstick and eyeliner, she allowed them total freedom to makeover their mothers however they wanted to. As a result, the women’s faces were blotted with colours of pink, yellow, orange and blue- like how a child would color and draw from their imagination. 

By giving the children freedom to express themselves, instead of working within expectations of how make up is meant to be applied, she challenges the contemporary ideals of beauty and femininity, placing value instead on self-expression and individuality. In addition to this, Heise also honors the sacred bond between mother and child. Even though their make up might be “less than perfect”, the mothers wear them with confidence and seriousness, affirming the efforts of their daughters. In a world where childish notions are laughed about or cast aside, Heise shows us the innocence and spontaneity that permeates the childhood. 

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Daughter Does My Make Up

Daughter Does My Make Up 1

Daughter Does My Make Up 2

Daughter Does My Make Up 3

Daughter Does My Make Up 4

Daughter Does My Make Up 5

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