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Singaporean Artist Thomas Yang uses bicycle tires to paint iconic landmarks

Nov 30, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Singaporean Artist Thomas Yang has combined his two passions- bicycles and art- in his recent design work. Yang, an cycling enthusiast, has created a series of paintings of iconic architectural landmarks using bike tires. Using nothing else but tires and black ink, the artist skillfully prints bicycle marks on canvas until they form the complex structures of the landmarks- for example the Eiffel Tower or the Forbidden City. It is only upon closer inspection that the viewer can identify the intricacies of the bicycle tires in the paintings. 

“The idea came up while I was toying around with ideas on how I can paint with a bicycle. Tire tracks were the first thing in my mind. Then I went further to explore the characteristics on each of the tire pattern and realized that I could possibly paint some building structures” the award winning, Head of Art & Design DDB Singapore explains. 

Yang, who is a cycling enthusiast himself, and has design four unique prints – “The Cyclist’s Empire” (the Empire State Building), “God Save the Bike” (Tower Bridge), “Bicycle Mon Amour” (Eiffel Tower) and “The Unforbidden Cyclist” (the Forbidden City) that can be viewed on his website 100 copies. In fact, his works are so unique that there are only 100 printed copies of each design for sale. However, all copies were sold out quickly. 






Cyclism 1

Cyclism 2

Cyclism 3

Cyclism 4

Cyclism 5


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