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Cultural events 2017: 5 highlights at the 10th annual Singapore Night Festival

A guide on festival highlights at the Singapore Night Festival

Aug 17, 2017 | By Ilyda Chua

Sans Compagnie Fixe, ‘The Bulb Heads’

From August 18 to 26, the iconic Singapore Night Festival will return for its 10th annual edition. With dazzling light installations, live performances and plenty of entertainment for the family, this year’s festival is one worth staying up for.

Art Republik gives you the rundown on festival highlights.

  1. ‘Phosphene’, Praxis+

Traverse a cavern full of gorgeous, twinkling lights with this installation by Praxis+, titled ‘Phosphene’. Remember to bring along your camera, or at least a fully charged smartphone for your Instagram fix— this is one cave of wonders you definitely won’t want to keep buried.

Praxis+, ‘Phosphene’

  1. ‘GLOBE’, Close Act Theatre

Remember the way to Neverland? Second star on the right, and straight on till morning — or, alternatively, you could check out the performance by Close Act Theatre, titled ‘GLOBE’.  Using circus techniques, pyrotechnics and video projection, GLOBE creates the illusion of flight from the perspective of a child through an immersive and fantasylike spectacle.

Performance dates: 24, 25, 26 August.

  1. ‘The Flower of Life and the Infinite Self’, Starlight Alchemy

Featuring a geodesic bamboo dome with a tessellated fabric roof and an interior mounted with geometrically arranged convex mirrors, visitors can literally engage in a bit of self-reflection as they walk around the dome, titled ‘The Flower of Life and the Infinite Self’ by Starlight Alchemy. Mulan soundtrack optional.

Starlight Academy, ‘The Flower of Life and the Infinite Self’

  1. ‘Flock’, National Design Centre

Titled ‘Flock’, the National Design Centre’s installation combines light, sound, and projections with live motion tracking techniques to immerse visitors into Tchaikovsky’s iconic 1876 ballet, ‘Swan Lake’, where they can then explore the narrative from a unique perspective.

  1. ‘Nostos: Records of the Self’, Aesop

Indulge in a scent experience by Aesop. Using the sense of smell — one of the strongest triggers of memory — visitors can navigate the space by imprinting the aroma to memory with this installation, titled ‘Nostos: Records of the Self’.

Aesop, ‘Nostos: Records of the Self’

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