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Peter Steinhauer photographs the unique construction of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers

May 16, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Peter Steinhauer’s series “Cocoons” sheds light on the unique construction process of buildings in Hong Kong. Steinhauer’s website states ‘his photography focuses on architecture within urban landscape, natural landscape, asian faces and man made structure’. The buildings under construction are wrapped in colourful mesh material to prevent debris from falling onto the streets below. Amidst the greys and browns that make up majority of the dense city’s residential skyscrapers, the “cocooned” buildings add an unlikely pop of colour.

Peter Steinhauer Cocoon 13


Cocooned 1

Cocooned 2

Cocooned 3

Cocooned 4

Cocooned 5

Cocooned 6

All Photo credits to Peter Steinhauer

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