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Car Crash Studies

Nicolai Howalt finds beauty amongst tragedy in his fascinating photography series

May 24, 2014 | By Staff Writer

A Beautiful Disaster 

These beautiful abstract-looking photographs are actually revelations of the interiors of crashed cars. In his photography series titled Car Crash Studies, Nicolai Howalt explores the different corners and edges of a smashed car. For a few moments, one is captivated by the beauty of these abstract photographs. However, they change into haunting depictions when the tragedy behind these photographs are realized.  The Copenhagen-based photographer’s work epitomizes the notion of perception and truth. Howalt has transformed the terrible sights of unknown tragedies into beautiful photographs (while conserving a tinge of perverseness). These photographs were recently exhibited by Martin Asbaek Gallery at Paris Photo Los Angeles.


Car Crash Studies 1

Car Crash Studies 2

Car Crash Studies 3

Car Crash Studies 4

Car Crash Studies 5

Car Crash Studies 6

Car Crash Studies 7

Car Crash Studies 8

See Nicolai Howalt’s website 

Images from Artist’s website via feature shoot

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