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Robots, UFOs and sea monsters appear on porcelain dinner plates

May 12, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Don Moyer’s website states a simple fact. “Too many plates have been too boring for too long.” In response, he has added a fun twist to traditional porcelain plates. In addition to the typically Asian floral and landscape designs, he has added the unlikeliest things. For instance, a UFO, giant robots and sea monsters. This is all part of his Calamityware dinner plates, which turn the tradition of China sets on its head. He states his reasons for starting Calamityware saying “I love to draw. The drawings I like best are those that make me laugh. Several years ago. I started drawing calamityware—traditional willow-pattern dinner plates with a tranquil scene threatened by impending calamity.”

Calamityware 1

Calamityware 2

Calamityware 3

Find out how you can purchase Moyer’s dinner plates here!

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