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Bolt Poetry

Tobbe Malm’s life-like bolts and nails sculptures

Mar 12, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Norway-based artist Tobbe Malm combines his skills as a blacksmith and as a photographer in his recent series titled Bolt Poetry. Using old bolts, Malm heats, forges, bends and twists them, creating humanistic sculptural forms. Each modified bolt emanates strong emotion through their “postures” and “body positions”. He portrays various evocative scenes- a parents’ love, hopeless despair, and laborers at work. The series was inspired by rusty bolts discarded in a barn in Bergsladen, Sweden (where the artist was born). Something about the aging, discolored objects called to him, and Malm was able to give them new life. 

“The bolts reminded me of human forms, and I felt they had something to tell,” Malm says. “I tried to create relations, meetings and situations and suddenly stories emerged about sorrow, joy, pain, warmth and humour. A kind of poetry was created, hence the title.”

See more of his work here 


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