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Bird Ballerina

Street Artist JR’s new artwork shipping containers in France

Jul 05, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Street Artist JR is known for his eccentric and edgy grafitti and site-specific street art. This time, instead of painting on walls of buildings, he has taken to painting on large shipping containers at the port of Le Havre in France. His recent art work, titled Bird Ballerina, features his beautiful painting of a ballerina wheatpasted on the sides of the shipping containers. The monochrome elegant-looking ballerina stands out in contrast to the faded red and green colors of the rusty containers. He positions his painting such that it looks like the ballerina is sitting alone behind bars. Like a caged bird, she sits solemnly alone, waiting for her chance to grand jete away.

Bird Ballerina 2 

Bird Ballerina   Bird Ballerina 3

Bird Ballerina 1

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