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Bel Air Fine Art opens their first space in the United Kingdom

BAFA London marks their 14th gallery to date

Mar 14, 2018 | By Art Republik

Sandra Shashou, ‘Gold Cube’, 2018. Image courtesy Sandra Shashou and Bel Air Fine Art.

Bel Air Fine Art (BAFA) opens their 14th gallery in the United Kingdom. It is the first in the country. Founded in 2004, BAFA has spaces in cultural capitals such as Paris, Venice and Miami. They also exhibit internationally, bringing their artists to Switzerland, Italy and the Middle East.

BAFA will host the grand opening of the London space on 15 March. The opening features two solo shows, ‘Strength, Survival & Balance’ by Carol Feuerman and ‘Broken Reborn’ by Sandra Shashou. The selection of these artists reflects the gallery’s interest and expertise in contemporary art and 21st century artists.

Carole Feuerman, ‘Next Summer’, oil painted resin sculpture, 99 x 137 x 127 cm. Image courtesy Carole Feuerman and Bel Air Fine Art.

The gallery will show Feuerman’s hyperrealistic sculptures in ‘Strength, Survival & Balance’. Recognised as a pioneering of hyperrealist sculpture, Feuerman’s practice began in 1970, responding to the emergence of photorealist painting. She is renowned for her precision, and captures the notion of natural beauty and inner peace in her sculptures.

Sandra Shashou, ‘Intimate Connection (35) Turquoise’, 2018, blue lomonosov russian porcelain tea ware, 100 x 100 x 32 cm. Image courtesy Sandra Shashou and Bel Air Fine Art.

London-based Shashou premieres a new body of work in ‘Broken Reborn’, gravitating around the thematic concepts of destruction and regeneration. Shashou’s new body of work comprises arrangements of smashed fragments of vintage fine bone china tea sets, Russian Lomonosov porcelain, Spanish Lladro and Nao ballerina figurines, dating back to the 1940s, 50s and 60s. ‘Broken Reborn’ references bravery, courage and rebuilding after devastation with Shashou’s complex and intricate creations.

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