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Beautiful photos of Costa Rica covered in colourful petals by Nick Meek

Photographer captures images of flower installation in a campaign to demonstrate the clarity of SONY TV

Apr 03, 2014 | By Staff Writer

How’s the weather in Costa Rica? Sunny with a chance of flower petal storm! During Sony’s new 4K TV campaign, global advertising agency McCann commissioned photographer Nick Meek to create the images for the campaign. The aim of this project was to emphasize the excellence in focus of the 4K TV, which is their latest model that promises four times the detail of high definition. Meek’s creative team travelled to Costa Rica where they gathered thousands of flower petals and leaves of different colour and species over the course of two weeks. In total, 8 million petals were collected to represent the 8 million pixel display of the new SONY monitor. Leaves and petals were exploded throughout the island lanscape, carried by the winds to suburban streets, covering the floor with colour and life. Breath-taking photographs and videos were taken of these flower power explosions. The beauty of these photos and videos comes from the palette of colours and also from the clarity of details in these pictures, demonstrating the outstanding caliber of SONY’s new product. Viewers are enveloped in the hyper-realistic nature of these images, imagining the surreal experience of standing amidst dancing petals in the wind.











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Images courtesy of Nick Meek via DesignBoom 

Video from sonyUK

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