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ART STAGE Singapore: Seasons of Change

From 24th to 27th January 2019, ART STAGE, the flagship art show of Southeast Asia, will be presented with the very best of Asian contemporary art.

Nov 19, 2018 | By Art Republik

Aditya Novali

In today’s settings marred by differences, strife and changes, art has become a need, an outlet to reflect current affairs and to serve as a reminder to mankind about the fundamental values that “set us, Homo sapiens apart from Primates”, a constant reminder by friend and mentor Hady Ang, Singaporean collector who built his collection on a singular theme of Politics, Immortality and God.

Hady Ang

As I slip into my inner realm for a moment to seek strength and clarity for a theme that anchors the ninth edition of ART STAGE Singapore, reflections of the self and others appeared as I read Hans Ulrich Obrist’s words, “In my practice, the curator has to bridge gaps and build bridges between artists, the public, institutions and other types of communities”.

Art by Anish Kapoor on display at the Opera Gallery.

C.J.W-.L. Wee’s idea that “contemporary art entails, as a presupposition, the existence of an idea of the contemporary. The structure of temporality, in turn, is to be comprehended as the way time is understood, or conceptualised and lived out in society”, charts my conviction that Art and its relation to time and objective coupled with innovation can be a motivation for a
better future.

Lorenzo Rudolf, Founder & President of ART STAGE.

Lorenzo Rudolf, Founder & President of ART STAGE once shared “Art is a global language without barriers”. In Southeast Asia where different cultures, religions, races and beliefs play an important role in our way of life, dedication for artistic excellence becomes a common trait uniting the artists, galleries, curators, museums and alternative art spaces. Collectively, this influences change and creates a social impact.

Marcus Teo, COO of ART STAGE.

Perhaps, the unshaken faith towards life, a hope for humanity, the unwavering belief by the Circle of Friends give me strength as I find my way.

Of all the dialogues and conversations with artists and curators, I gained new insights about the role of an artist from Jason Wee who once shared that artists are “aggregators of seemingly divergent images, ideas and outcomes, pulling these things into association and understanding without forcing any kind of false harmony or unity”.

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