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An Edible Japanese Zen Rock Garden

A Japanese Zen Rock Garden made from traditional Japanese sweets

Jun 10, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Ask anyone who has been to Japan what they love about it. More often than not, they will mention (among other things) the peaceful zen gardens hidden in Japanese shrines, or the delicious Japanese sweets that force a post-trip diet. The Shinan-ji Temple Rock Garden is a treat for anyone who loves both these things. From the minds of art directors Tomonori Saito and Shohei Sawada, and with the help of Japanese wagashi artisan Motohiro Inaba, the Shinan-ji Temple Rock Garden is an entirely edible Japanese zen rock garden made from sweets. The ‘rocks’ are made from black sesame cubes, and the ‘sand’ from sugar. (via Colossal and Spoon-tamago)




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