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An aggregation

Artist explores Man and his Environment with suspending charcoal installation

Jun 05, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Celebrated Seoul-based Artist Seon Ghi Bahk explores Man and his Environment with his recent suspending charcoal installation. His installation, titled An aggregation, involves charcoal hanging from nylon threads and forming a variety of abstract shapes. Albeit delicate, the charcoal pieces dangle in fixed formations to form the overall installation shape. Seon Ghi Bahk explores with various formations including columns, globes, spirals and other complex shapes. The artwork represents the relationships between Man and Nature. Charcoal is created from the burning of trees. By employing this natural substance in his work, he recreates a form that humans can use for shelter. In many ways, nature is essential in the human development of culture. 

An Aggregation

An Aggregation 1 

An Aggregation 2 



An Aggregation 3 

An Aggregation 4

An Aggregation 5

An Aggregation 6

An Aggregation 7

An Aggregation 8

An Aggregation 9


Images via mymodernmet

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