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Yacht Charter in Vietnam: From Halong to Phu Quoc

Since becoming a dealer for leading European builders, Vietyacht has developed a thriving charter business dominated by Jeanneau motorboats, with Phu Quoc Island marking the company’s sixth base around Vietnam.

Sep 08, 2023 | By Andrew Dembina
sitting on a large sunpad on the bow of a Jeanneau NC14 in Halong Bay
Cruising along the serene waters of Halong Bay.

We’re sitting on a large sunpad on the bow of a Jeanneau NC14 in Halong Bay. With little strain on the boat’s twin Volvo Penta pod-engine propulsion, we leave the large tourist and day-tripper cruise boats standing as we enjoy a private charter with Vietyacht.

Cruising smoothly and quietly at 20 knots or so towards the limestone karsts and islets the bay is famed for, the appeal of touring this region of northeast Vietnam on a 46ft motor yacht soon becomes apparent. Later, at slower speeds along calm waters, we’re informed by one of the three-man crew of some of the “rock-alikes” in the vicinity. We pass amusingly nicknamed formations such as Cat Island and Chicken Islands, which look a little like the silhouette of two fowls kissing beaks.

water sports in halong bay
Passengers can opt for paddle boarding, kayaking or jet-ski activities.

Visitors can view the variety of islets at the core of this UNESCO World Heritage Site during a short cruise of two to three hours like ours. We also passed caves, a floating restaurant and a small kayak and water sports pontoon. For a sunset cruise, passengers can opt for paddle boarding, kayaking, jet-ski activities or a swim from an anchorage all while taking in the surroundings with a fruit platter and a soft drink or something a little stronger to enjoy on the side.

Day charters ranging up to 10 hours are available, with lunch or dinner options and activities such as cave visits, fishing and squid fishing. Staying on board for one or two nights can also be arranged. Overseas visitors, mostly from Japan, China, Korea, India and Europe, make up 20 percent of VietyachtClub’s charter guests.

Strong Start in Halong

VietyachtClub’s fleet at Halong Bay offers a variety of mostly Jeanneau motor yachts, including Merry Fisher and Velasco 43F models. Halong Bay is one of its growing number of charter operations in Vietnam’s more popular coastal regions, where other brands of motor and sailing yachts are offered through sister brand Luxyacht. Outside the laid-back Halong Bay dockside office is a small Vietsec PPC-hull sailing catamaran, one of eight that comprised Vietyacht founder Duc Thuan Nguyen’s original fleet. A keen sailor, he currently enjoys a Jeanneau Sunfast monohull when leisure time allows.

Sea swimming from the comfort of your own deck in vietnam
Sea swimming from the comfort of your own deck.

Given COVID-19 interruptions and complications, the progress of the Vietyacht dealership and charter business has been growing remarkably fast since it commenced in 2015. Thuan’s previous focus in the industry was on distributing marine equipment and components.

Vietyacht started representing Jeanneau from 2017, soon adding sister brand Prestige to the portfolio before being joined by Fountaine Pajot the following year. Slovenia’s Alfastreet Marine, which produces hybrid and electric boats, is also part of Vietyacht’s offerings. In 2019, after securing the three French brands, Thuan became the Vietnam dealer for Ferretti Yachts, Riva and Pershing of Italy’s Ferretti Group under a new company, Luxyacht. Two Rivas and a Ferretti Yachts 500 have been sold into the country. To date, the sister dealerships have sold more than 60 new yachts, although Jeanneau is the most popular of all the brands and makes up most charter yachts in VietyachtClub.

Duc Thuan Nguyen of vietyacht
Duc Thuan Nguyen.

“When I started in the yachting business in Vietnam, the market was brand new. At that moment, there were no new imported yachts and no marinas or jetties for yachts,” recalls Thuan, who said a Jeanneau Leader 36 was the country’s first new imported yacht.

“At that time, clients were wondering if it was easier to buy a house or a supercar. They wondered about how to use a boat, where to put it and who would take care of it. That’s why I thought about establishing a yachting club to provide berths, maintenance, supply crew; essentially, an “A to Z” service so clients could just pay and play.”

All around Vietnam

Local yacht owners rarely had time to use their yachts more than a one or two days a month. Thuan improved their financial return by operating charters on their yachts on free days, leading to the birth of VietyachtClub. The first charter base was in Halong, now the site of the company’s headquarters.

kayaking in vietnam
Day trips offer a range of leisure activities to enjoy the waters away from the yacht.

“In Halong Bay, there are about 500 large cruising boats, so we wanted to offer something more private,” Thuan says.

There are now VietyachtClub branches further down the coast in Thanh Hoa province, Danang and Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City. This summer, one more was launched on Phu Quoc Island off the country’s southwest coast.

“Those cover the main coastal areas for clients,” Thuan says. “Further locations will depend on whether demand increases.”

Despite more yacht use during the pandemic (except for periods when being outdoors was not allowed), Vietyacht and Luxyacht’s owners and charter clients are not generally keen on staying aboard overnight.

jet sking in vietman
Jet-ski services are open to first-timers as well.

“Halong Bay waters are quite smooth, so it’s comfortable to stay overnight, but Vietnamese clients prefer day trips,” says Thuan who adds that one owner has converted one of their boat’s three cabins into an office.

Like in many parts of the world, the pandemic led to greater interest in yachting in Vietnam and consequently, more sales and charter demand, Thuan says. Brand wise, he hopes to expand from the seven currently stocked brands to 10. However, import, luxury goods and value-aded taxes remain a strong confounding factor to the success of Thuan’s business model.. They currently add up to about 50 percent for private-use purchases, with accumulative taxes at 20 percent for boats bought just for charter.

There are some interesting potential changes on the horizon. In the past couple of years, Thuan feels some good-quality local boat builders have emerged. “They’re doing well and some people are buying these to charter, so we’re looking into the quality of the best of these.”

Halong Bay.
Halong Bay.

Furthermore, real-estate developers have plans to build more marinas for owners and for visiting yachts, should the Vietnamese government relax restrictions for overseas-flagged vessels. “There are signals this will happen in the near future,” says Thuan.

“An international marina certificate was just issued at AnaMarina in Nha Trang, so we hope to see races from Hong Kong and Hainan Island to Nha Trang soon.”

VietyachtClub is ready and waiting to provide visitors – sailors or otherwise – with fun-filled motorboat charters in the country’s most scenic areas, whether it’s Nha Trang or many of the other tourist hot spots from Halong Bay in the northeast to Phu Quoc in the southwest.

Photography Vietyacht

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