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Twin 83, Thailand’s Biggest Sailing Catamaran, Building in Bangkok

Designed for day charters, the Twin 83 is being built by Jay Ujjin in Bangkok and is set to be Thailand’s biggest sailing catamaran.

Mar 31, 2020 | By Yacht Style

Construction has begun in Thailand on Twin 83, which is set to become the country’s biggest sailing catamaran. Twin 83 is poised to take over the mantle from the 78ft double-deck Lobster based in Phuket, which participated in the fourth Kata Rocks Superyacht Rendezvous last December.

Jay Ujjin is overseeing the build of the Twin 83 sailing catamaran in Bangkok

Jay Ujjin is overseeing the build of the Twin 83 sailing catamaran in Bangkok

Twin 83, an 83ft double-deck ‘party cat’, has an Australian-designed hull and is being built and fitted out in Bangkok. Jay Ujjin is managing the custom build and said the catamaran’s Phuket-based owner, a renowned hospitality brand, was inspired by the likes of Lobster and Hype, both designed by Ocean Voyager from France and built in Sri Lanka.

“Those yachts are my client’s inspiration,” said Ujjin, who said the mould for Twin 83 has been completed. “I’m working closely with the owner to develop an efficient layout and impressive aesthetics to create a unique customer experience. Although the hull is an Australian design, the rest of the design is tailor-made by our Thai designer.”

Ujjin was formerly based in Phuket, where he was active in the sailing and regatta scene, and helped establish the Phuket Yacht Club. Upon returning to his native Bangkok, he created a diesel marine business providing services to the broader marine industry, mainly involving the maintenance of superyachts from the Mediterranean.

Twin 83 was inspired by Sri Lanka-built party cats like Lobster and Hype

Twin 83 was inspired by Sri Lanka-built ‘party cats’ like Lobster and Hype

“Thailand’s yacht-building industry has evolved over recent years and can compete on a global scale in terms of price and quality,” said Ujjin, whose team members include certified MTU engineers with over 25 years of experience in The Royal Thai Navy Shipyard.

“The party catamaran is becoming increasingly popular in established resort destinations in Europe and Southeast Asia. It provides an affordable and accessible alternative to the traditional charter business. I’m confident Twin 83 will make a splash on the Phuket party scene.”


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