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Superyacht Services Guide Grows Asia-Pacific Coverage

The Superyacht Services Guide’s Asia-Pacific team is preparing a third edition for a region ready to host major sporting events and visiting superyachts.

Sep 27, 2019 | By Yacht Style

Many in the industry give many different answers, but it remains an intriguing question: with some 4,400 active superyachts worldwide, why do only 200-250 venture into the Asia-Pacific each year? Yes, unknown makes unloved, but that’s not a sufficient reason. Or is it? It’s an ongoing question for us in the Asia-Pacific arm of the Superyacht Services Guide.

The Superyacht Services Guide has a growing collection of publications

The Superyacht Services Guide has a growing collection of publications

Sixteen years ago, Caroline and Andrew Blatter, a couple running a superyacht in the Caribbean, started writing down their recommendations for superyacht services for other Captains and crew. Little could they know that their lists would not only grow into a full-blown global publication but also become the trusted source of information for Captains and crew, appearing in print, digital and online.

Today, the Superyacht Services Guide lists over 12,000 superyacht services worldwide – all recommended by Captains and crew – in six printed regional volumes, adding up to over 4,000 pages.

Despite the growth, the Superyacht Services Guide’s concept has stayed as simple, pragmatic and powerful as when it started: endorsements and word-of-mouth generates trust. And that’s exactly the key to the Superyacht Services Guide’s success, making it stand out from other directories and indexes. A strong ethos and a strong brand.

The input of Captains and crew has built a loyal, active readership, who in turn keep contributing information to the Superyacht Services Guide. Even in today’s digital age, its readers insist that the Superyacht Services Guide keeps appearing in print. Most superyachts cruising internationally carry at least three copies on board: for the bridge, engine room and interior.

The Asia-Pacific is the newest area covered by the Superyacht Services Guide and a third edition covering the region is scheduled for February 2020. Last year, I was among a group of three authors to join the publication to expand the Superyacht Services Guide’s Australia, Asia and Indian Ocean content.

Passionate about the industry and Asia-Pacific’s unique cruising destinations, our team has a mission to help bring more visiting superyachts to the region by providing reliable information about professional superyacht services.

We’re aware some Captains know very little about the region, which is vast, sometimes remote, culturally diverse, mostly secure, and a mix of seasonal and year-round cruising. It also has enormous potential, not only because of its excellent cruising grounds but also its maintenance and refit services, and options for ‘shelving’ a yacht between cruises.

The guides (print, digital and online) are free to Captains and crew, and are paid for by advertising. Only recommended services can advertise.

Our team stays informed by researching online, visiting boat shows and conferences, doubling up as roving reporters for Superyacht Radio, doing research trips, and interviewing Captains, crew, service providers, industry bodies, tourism and transport departments, and policy makers.

The online platforms for the Superyacht Services Guide, 'The Ultimate Superyacht Directory'

Online platforms for Superyacht Services Guide, ‘The Ultimate Superyacht Directory’

Recently we completed an eight-week research trip through Australia, to help us complete a special edition about the country in time for this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. The trip also helped us fine-tune our thoughts about the Asia-Pacific region in the near future.

International sporting events in the region, such as the 2020 Olympics in Japan and the 2021 America’s Cup in New Zealand, will help attract more visiting superyachts, including some that haven’t been to the Asia-Pacific before.

Most of these superyachts will be making decisions this summer, not only to secure a space in New Zealand for the 36th America’s Cup but also to plan routes and cruising 
stops on the way. From past observations, we estimate 60 per cent of these yachts will come via the Pacific and 40 per cent via Asia.

We believe Australia and New Zealand are driving forces for the Asia-Pacific, playing an important role in keeping yachts in the region for longer. Both countries have excellent cruising grounds as well as maintenance and refit capabilities, and can function as a stepping stone for exploration into Asia or the Pacific.

This is also supported by the fact that superyachts are increasingly built to provide increased range to satisfy the growing demand for longer, more remote exploration, because yacht owners and guests are increasingly looking for unique, personal experiences.

It’s worth noting that a charter permit for foreign-flagged yachts in Australia will be of crucial importance and the same holds true for Thailand. A workable charter permit and workable crew visas will help grow the superyacht industry across the Asia-Pacific.

Both the Superyacht Services Guide’s special edition on Australia and the third edition for the Asia Pacific and Indian Ocean region have global targeted distribution, and will start to be used by Captains and crew before yachts venture this way for the Olympics and America’s Cup.

By the time such events have taken place, we look forward to consigning the current figures for superyachts visiting our region to the history books, as step by step, we all work for the yachting industry in Asia-Pacific to realise more of its potential.

Zara Tremlett, Bert van Muylwijk and Marieke Derks form the Superyacht Services Guide’s author team for Australia, Asia and the Indian Ocean. All have a background in the industry, are passionate about the region and have complementary skills. Tremlett holds a CMM Certificate and was formerly the Marina Manager of Phuket Yacht Haven, Van Muylwijk was a broker for Northrop & Johnson, and Derks is an agent for Sevenstar Yacht Transport in Thailand and Malaysia. /

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