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Singapore to Welcome First Galeon 500

Regional dealer Asiamarine expects the first Galeon 500 Fly in Singapore to arrive in October, underlining continuing regional demand for the innovative builder.

Jun 14, 2021 | By Yacht Style
The aft sides on the Galeon 500 Fly fold down to increase the living area

Asiamarine has sold the first Galeon 500 Fly into Singapore and expects the yacht to arrive in October, introducing the builder’s original ‘transformer’ yacht to a new market in Southeast Asia.

The regional dealer represents the builder in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, and says over 40 Galeon yachts have been delivered to Asia in the past four years.

The portside fold-down wing helps create a waterside bar with stools

The Galeon 500 Fly is known for its beach mode, in which its fold-down sides dramatically expand the yacht’s surface area and create an open bar to port. Another iconic feature is the 360-degree rotating aft sofa.

The drop-down wings and bar have since been included on newer models including the Galeon 400 and 640, while the original ‘transformer’ continues to prove popular across Asia as it sits in the popular 50ft sector.

The Galeon 500 Fly also features a rotating sofa in the aft cockpit

Eric Noyel, founder and CEO of Asiamarine, said: “When the first Galeon 500 in Singapore arrives later this year, it will enable our clients there to experience, feel and try the Galeon quality, and enjoy its innovations. I am excited by the prospect of more lucky Singaporean owners having the chance to join the growing ranks of Galeon owners.

“It makes me proud that Galeon is now one of the most established players in the industry, with over 40 units now in Asia in less than four years and growing at an accelerating speed.”

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