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Riva Launches Second 50 Metri

Ferretti Group has launched Fifty, the second Riva 50 Metri, less than two years after the debut of the first.

Mar 19, 2021 | By Yacht Style
Fifty, the second Riva 50 Metri, was launched in Ancona

Riva’s second 50 Metri, the shark-grey Fifty, has begun her life at sea following a private launch ceremony at the Ferretti Group Superyacht Division in Ancona.

Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group, said: “Riva Fifty is the demonstration that we Italians know how to imagine and realise masterpieces like no one else in the world. The expression ‘written on water’ was used to describe actions that have a fleeting impact, but what we have written on the water today in Ancona is another unforgettable and glorious page in Riva’s history.

“My recommendation for those in search of great emotions is to take a look at this new Riva and the breathtaking way she shines with style, legend and innovation, all thanks to the talent and expertise of the workers involved.”

Fifty follows in the footsteps of Race, the first unit of the brand’s 50m flagship. Race had its world premiere at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2019, having been launched earlier in the year and had a spectacular private premiere in Venice in June.

Officina Italiana Design, the firm founded by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta and the exclusive designer of all Riva models, developed the 50 Metri in collaboration with Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee led by Piero Ferrari.


Riva is scheduled to deliver the first 76’ Perseo Super to its owner this summer after upgrading the Italian brand’s popular Sportfly model.

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