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Lürssen Talks Sales & Refits in Dubai

The leading shipyard for large luxury yacht building, Lürssen of Germany, chose last month’s Dubai Boat Show to update the industry on its 2018 order book and pitch its refit and repair capabilities.

Apr 13, 2018 | By Yacht Style

Asian-interest Project Thunder is due for delivery later this year, but the yard is keeping more detailed information under wraps

Lürssen Talks Sales & Refits in Dubai

Lürssen will deliver three yachts with a total length of more than 380m this year”, said Sales Director Michael Breman. “At this moment, not much information can be revealed on the new builds”. One is Project Thunder, an enormous 120m vessel that Yacht Style has previously reported appears bound for an Asian owner. When Lürssen first announced this build, it said the Espen Øino design’s name was derived from Leigong, a mythical Asian god, and the vessel was expected to cruise mostly in Asian waters.

“Another is Project TIS, a quintessential 111m yacht, scheduled for delivery in autumn 2018, with exterior and interior by Winch Design. With her long and well-balanced sheerline, TIS is a supremely elegant yacht, despite her considerable size. A beam of 16.85m allows her to boast extraordinary volumes, accommodating all of the owner’s requirements.

“TIS features six decks, and offers spacious interior and exterior areas for guests, making her the perfect yacht for entertaining on a grand scale. The sweeping staircases at the transom create an impressive entrance, which sets the tone for the rest of this palatial yacht, with very generous ceiling heights, sophisticated interior decoration, and Lürssen’s customary attention to detail.”

Several further yachts are currently under contract. The shipyard continues to market and build yachts ranging in size from 60m up. For four generations and since 1875, Lürssen has been cultivating the most refined skills and advanced technologies to create truly outstanding vessels, said the spokesman. Our connection to shipbuilding is as deep-rooted and individual as only family bonds can be. The commitment is deep, the approach individual. When the company founder Friedrich Lürssen said, “Leading in quality and performance, that should be my company’s reputation”, he was expressing the values Lürssen continues to uphold to this day.

With a workforce of 2700, Lürssen maintains eight state-of-the-art facilities at Bremen-Aumund, Lemwerder, Berne, Rendsburg, Wilhelmshaven, Wolgast and two yards in Hamburg. Its main headquarters are located in Bremen.

Last year Lürssen delivered four yachts that totalled just under 400m in length. Third was the classically profiled 74m Aurora shown here

Last year Lürssen delivered a staggering four yachts with a total length of almost 400m. The first delivery was Amadea, a 104m yacht with an Espen Øino design. Modern lines and a contemporary style are the main features of this massive vessel, which has a 16.8m beam.

Amadea features six decks, and offers numerous areas for guests. The interiors are designed by Francois Zuretti in a very classic Middle Eastern style, which is carried throughout the whole yacht.

Second delivery of the spring was Al Lusail, a 123m yacht with a very unique exterior design by H2 Yacht Design and interiors by March and White. Her arching design features and large glass facades provide panoramic views from her eclectic interior. These influential design statements make her instantly recognisable as a truly distinctive and innovative superyacht.

In June last year Lürssen successfully delivered Aurora, a 74 m yacht. Responsible for the concept as well as the exterior and interior design is Winch Design who gave Aurora a timelessly classical profile.

With six decks, she is a voluminous yacht and boasts a lot of space for the guests’ entertainment and well-being, while still looking very elegant and classy, with sleek lines.

Areti made her debut at Monaco Yacht Show, and was soon after reviewed in Yacht Style

The fourth delivery was 85m Areti, which had her world debut at the Monaco Yacht Show, and was reviewed by Yacht Style soon afterwards (YS#41). Winch Design was responsible for both the stunning exterior and harmonious interior design.

Tasked with keeping the design in line with the complex Passenger Yacht Code, they gave the yacht a sleek and balanced signature, complemented by a traditional but fresh interior with “an American classic twist”.

Refit has become a core business for Lürssen. The Lürssen group has unique facilities and a second to none potential to undertake multiple refits at a time, all in Northern Germany, said the spokesman.

Alfa Nero undergoing a refit and repair session at Lürssen owned Blohm + Voss sheds

“During the last year, more than a dozen yachts between 50 metres and well over 100 metres have used the Lürssen facilities for modifications and maintenance works. Eight of them alone took place in their Hamburg based Blohm+Voss shipyard. Amongst them were some of the world’s most beautiful yachts such as Lady Moura, Yas, Rising Sun, and Alfa Nero to name but a few.

“Regardless of whether a yacht is a Lürssen or built by another yard, a time will come when it will need a refit, some repair, or even a conversion. This is work that Lürssen undertakes with the German precision which they are world-renowned for.

“And although the work required may differ from ship to ship, the aim is always the same. Once Lürssen has been involved, the yacht’s life expectancy and performance will once again be comparable to that of a new build and the core value will be enhanced.

“Seven shipyards provide ample space to build and refit multiple yachts at the same time in covered sheds and drydocks. Lürssen not only has the space but also the manpower of 700 plus engineers and naval architects, and a multitude of craftsmen to tackle any project – be it a new build, a refit or a conversion.”

Words by Ross Wolfe | Images courtesy of Lürssen

For more information, please make enquiries at The Lürssen Group.

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