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Hodgdon 200th Year Custom 10.5m Limousine Tender

The brand gives us a few teasers on its commemorative tender that looks much like a limousine on water.

Jun 27, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

After 200 years in the industry, Hodgdon Custom Tenders celebrates the milestone in the best way it knows: crafting a 10.5 meter limousine tender. Known for producing some of the finest yacht designs in the world, the American company’s new tender is its 422nd hull to be built. More information on the tender will be released in due course, but we did get a few titbits on the look of it for now.

The design from Michael Peters Yacht Design features a sleek exterior that won’t look out of place in a Bond movie. The 11-seater tender is an archetype of Hodgdon’s Venetian series of custom tenders. Though smaller in size than a typical superyacht, the limousine doesn’t skimp on the amenities with a high-definition entertainment system, refrigerator/bar and climate control. Hodgdon-custom-tenders-200-year-interior

On the port and starboard sides are windows (as shown above) that when powered down allow for easy guest boarding while boasting a salon hardtop that can be raised hydraulically to allow for full height headroom. Like all Hodgon’s designs, the limousine has a flush anchor that is custom built.

“As a Superyacht builder ourselves, Hodgdon is uniquely positioned to bring superyacht building standards to the tender world,” said Timothy Hodgdon – President of Hodgdon Yachts. “Our commitment is not only to deliver these expected levels of innovation and quality, but to also support our tenders with the strength of a dedicated shipyard.”

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