Azimut Grande 35 Metri: New flagship 35-metre superyacht from the ‘Grande’ collection

Azimut debuts the long awaited Azimut Grande 35 Metri, leading its luxurious Grande fleet

May 22, 2017 | By Teri Chong

With a sleek, streamlined body and sophisticated interior design, the Azimut Grande 35 Metri superyacht is making waves in the yachting scene. The Grande 35 Metri is the new flagship fleet in Azimut Yacht’s luxurious Grande lineup. Stefano Righini designed the exterior of the ship, while world-renowned architect Achille Salvagni crafted its lush interiors.

The 35 metre superyacht is the biggest boat in Azimut’s high-end Grande collection. Drawing on Azimut’s superior carbon fibre technology, the ship manages to attain less vibration and reduced noise, at the same time increasing comfort levels and living space on the ship. On the Grande 35 Metri maximum beam length is 7.5 metres, its wide body able to accommodate all features of a superyacht, including a side garage and a 3.25 metre jet ski. Powered by two engines that able to generate up to 2,400hp each, this baby has an approximate cruising speed of 21 knots and a top speed of 25.5 knots.

The interiors are dressed in hues of creams and whites, blending with the wood and steel finish to give off a comforting ambience. The yacht holds up to 10 guests in its five luxurious cabins, along with six crew members. Of course, the highlight is the master suite, which features an extendable carbon fibre full-length window that opens to a panoramic view. Folding out from the window is the balcony, its floor extending from under the cabin to transform into an intimate private lounge area with a magnificent view to boot.

A spiral staircase connects all decks, allowing for easy access to all parts of the ship. Specially constructed are the onyx steps, which boast two different finishings—white lacquer and mother of pearl—on their inner and outer sides. Sitting at both the stern and bow of the ship are spacious beach clubs. The bow deck is fitted with a hydro massage tub and sofas for lounging, perfect for some family relaxation time.

The Azimuth Grande 35 Metri is part of Azimut’s consistent efforts to produce the best vessels for their customers. With the continuos evolution of their nautical technology and design, Azimuth proves their efficiency in the yachting industry.

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