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The Devil’s in The Details of The Deus ex Machina Customized Zero Motorcycles SR/S

Conceptualised 100% by hand, the SR/S is Deus’ first electric motorcycle and last build by Michael “Woolie” Woolaway.

Oct 15, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

Zero Motorcycles and Deus ex Machina have joined forces to create the first fully customized Zero Motorcycles SR/S. First introduced in February, the build garnered immediate success and attention for its elevated design and extended range. Often compared to its predecessor, the Zero SR/F, this machine marks a significant landmark as Deus’ first electric motorcycle and last Deus build by iconic custom fabricator, Michael “Woolie” Woolaway.

The Devil’s in The Details of The Deus ex Machina Customized Zero Motorcycles SR/S

Inspired by cutting edge aerospace design, the new look of the SR/S is rooted in its all-new aerodynamic fairing. Like all things Zero Motorcycles, this machine’s form follows its function. With a silent and instantaneous power delivery, the SR/S eliminates the need for clutches and gears, utilizing old-school shapes alongside modernised proportions and technology.

Conceptualised 100% by hand without sketches or digital work, the SR/S is an organic product born from foam plastic, shaping tools, measuring tools and transfer tools. Incorporating carbon fibre core mat honeycomb for strength and for stiffness in certain areas, the custom Zero SR/S was constructed from two main volumes, attached by four bolts in standard bolt positions.

Maintaining a constant line of communication with Zero Motorcycles, Deus ex Machina were able to construct a one-of-a-kind competition bike with a custom set of Showa factory spec, world superbike forks and shock, custom thumb brakes, and carbon fibre dynamag wheels from Spain. Complete with seats by Saddlemen, and windscreens hand-blown by Glen from Zero Gravity, the custom Zero SR/S is anything but a regular motorcycle.

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