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Porsche Digital Races into Action

The new Porsche Digital subsidiary is a link between the car firm and innovators around the world that aims to open up a lead in areas such as smart mobility.

Jun 03, 2016 | By Staff Writer

While we often hear about innovations in the automotive industry, most of it is incremental. An excellent case in point is Porsche, which made a name for itself in creating sportscars that changed ever so slightly from year-to-year. In the digital era though, Porsche has decided to gear up and accelerate to top speed by starting its own digital division.

The AFP reports that Porsche Digital will have offices in Berlin, Silicon Valley and China. It is tasked with ensuring that regardless of technological changes, Porsche will stay in pole position when it comes to digital mobility in the higher echelons of the automotive market.

“Our business environment is changing ever more dynamically,” said Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Supervisory Board chairman of Porsche AG of the decision to start the new subsidiary company. “We are combining the traditional Porsche spirit with the power of new technologies.”

The new subsidiary will focus on new customer services and experiences and new products. “Digitization is leading to the renaissance of the automobile and is making it the central element of our digital lifestyle,” said Thilo Kozlowski, who will be Porsche Digital’s managing director. “We will create digital customer experiences typical of Porsche which are fascinating and intelligent – both inside and outside the vehicle.”

However, the business will also be focused on other companies, institutions and even individuals. And that’s because like a host of other car companies, Porsche is realizing that as consumers become more digitally connected and as new mobility trends develop, that it will need to work with tech companies in order to continue to understand customers’ future needs.

Porsche Digital is therefore being positioned as a link between the Porsche Car Company and innovators around the world that can help the car maker open up a lead in areas such as smart mobility and autonomous driving.

“Innovation does not emerge by itself. It is all about developing ideas systematically,” said Porsche CEO Oliver Blume. “Porsche has many ideas. The challenge is to think across functional divisions, use external resources, and take concrete action very rapidly — especially in the digital environment.”

This story was written in-house, based on an AFP report.

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