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Land Rover’s new wilderness cabin for Discovery Sport SUV is perfect for road trips

Inspired by Discovery Sport compact SUV, Land Rover’s off-grid cabin is made for the most adventurous getaways

Dec 25, 2016 | By Staff Writer

If you ever wondered what Santa Claus wants for Christmas, we might have an idea. Land Rover just revealed a new concept, made to resist to extreme conditions – including the Northern cold – and letting adventurers sleep in the nature, after a long trip day.

Meet the Christmas Cabin: a tiny wilderness cabin, fitting in the back of compact Discovery Sport SUV, and supporting an outside temperature of -20C.

land rover christmas cabin

Where did the idea come from? Following the success of the Discovery Sport SUV – 100,000 cars sold in 2 years, making it Land Rover’s biggest-seller – the brand’s engineers decided to use the technology from the car and transpose it to a new, innovative format. Conceived as a festive season special, and in response to the growing demand for comfortable nomad travel solutions for the dailylife adventurers, the Christmas Cabin was born.

Taking a look inside, the first surprise is the space. Two adults can easily sleep in the 3.5m2 space, under a panoramic sunroof, after having adapted the modulable seating. The design is cozy and warm: almost enough to get the sleeper to forget he is not in his own bed tonight. Land Rover even had a thought for tech addicts: if they can’t disconnect for too long, they will find USB charging sockets inside.

land rover christmas cabin

Designed to have the lowest impact on the environment possible, the innovative cabin is also eco-friendly, as materials used include sustainably-sourced Danish pine, ply, and ecologically-sourced Western Red Cedar.

To make sure the concept cabin was operational, Land Rover used their own cold chambers, and even asked 12times Everest climber Kenton Cool to test and review it.

The cabin, not currently on sale, will support Land Rover in various partnerships and make special appearances in Land Rover Experience centres.

Watch below Land Rover Discovery Sport Chrismas Cabin Film: 


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