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Lamborghini Reveals Electrifying New Concept Car

Major automaker, Lamborghini announced that it has worked closely with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to envision an electric supercar of the future

Nov 09, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

Lamborghini previews electrifying new concept car

This week, another electric concept supercar of the future is revealed – Major automaker, Lamborghini announced that it has worked closely with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to envision an “electric supercar of the future” and now launched the concept Terzo Millennio, which means “third millennium” in Italian.

Let’s take a look back from the first- to third-quarter of this year, we have witnessed some of the new impressive electric supercars, if not, seen or hearsay that NextEV Nio EP9 did take the world by storm with its outstanding lap record of 06:45.900 when the race car was put to a merciless test on the Grand-Prix track in Nurburgring Nordschleife, Germany, in May. Born to push limits, we can safely comment what exactly a purely electric supercar is capable of achieving.

With Terzo Millennio, the third-millennium electric supercar of our future, the auto-manufacturer considered a few aspects to further improve the aerodynamics and the chassis, and subtract composite structural materials that could be of hindrance to the overall performance of the Lamborghini.

Pictured above, the concept Terzo Millennio was previewed alongside its car design in mini 3D modelling – the first car to discard its 12-cylinder engine block, will help elevate things to the next level. To further enhance the weight of the race car, batteries have also been removed. Next, the idea came along to create composite structural materials of what the automaker had in mind to “double as energy storage, so that the driver is essentially sitting inside the battery.”

Lamborghini mentioned that work is already underway on the aforementioned features with MIT, but to see a breakthrough in nanotechnology, “will be needed for it to come to fruition sooner rather than later.”

The rear view of the conceptual Lamborghini electrifying car

Adding to that, some of the unique features that will form the new Lamborghini electric car, featuring the external panels made of a special composite carbon fiber that isn’t doubling up as batteries, and each wheel will have an independent motor with no transmission tunnel or other physical parts making physical connections within the car’s frame, so it is able to find a good grip or to stop spins and skids.

Another important aspect is to work on “reusing potentially lost energy, be it regenerative braking or heat exchange so as to boost the vehicle’s power and performance, and at the same time, keeping the batteries fully charged for longer so that range becomes closer to, or even exceeds that of a traditional gasoline-gulping Aventador.”

Lamborghini’s goal in partnership with MIT’s Dinca Research Lab to realise a solution; that is, to develop a “supercapacitor” that can “offer the same levels of power density as a battery”. The supercapacitor has the ability to redistribute the captured energy, which then pushes the energy to the battery.


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