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Hollywood’s Mechanical Heroine, “Eleanor” Reenters The Market

This 1967 Ford Mustang “Eleanor” from “Just 60 seconds” is one of the most valuable and desirable examples ever showcased on screen.

Jan 14, 2021 | By Julia Roxan

1967 Ford Mustang “Eleanor”

When Chris Zöllner from ChromeCars came out of the cinema one evening in the year 2000, he was a different person. Inspired by a car that he had just seen on screen, the 1967 Ford Mustang by design legends Steve Stanford and Chip Foose was developed with the intention of completely reinterpreting an old 1967 Shelby GT500 classic, and specially manufactured by Cinema Vehicle Services for the blockbuster flick, “Just 60 seconds” which starred Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie.

Dubbed “Eleanor”, the film’s mechanical heroine was a product of meticulous research into surviving Hollywood production cars, and their replicas. Regarded one of the most valuable and desirable examples ever showcased on screen, this 1967 Ford Mustang “Eleanor” is one of three hero cars still in existence that played a major role on shoot.

Of the three remaining examples, one vehicle went to a well-known Lamborghini dealer in the United States and another to a private collector whose identity has remained unknown. Missing an opportunity to acquire the final 1967 Ford Mustang “Eleanor” through Mecum Auto Auctions in 2013, for an estimated USD $1M, the representatives of ChromeCars – Oliver, Kai and Chris – spent years scouring the market in hopes the cinematic legend would resurface, and it eventually did. In February 2017, the ChromeCars team submitted an offer to buy the Eleanor Hero Car, number # 7 of the film car fleet, which is internally managed by CVS.

The car which has since lived in the ChromeCar showroom and debuted in a series of short films, remains road-and-track ready with a 351 cubic-inch Ford Racing V8 capable of 400 horsepower, mated to a four-speed manual and nine-inch Ford rear end. Boasting reworked suspensions for enhanced handling, and 72,000 miles on the odometer, with a Pepper Gray finish, this 1967 Ford Mustang “Eleanor” is currently available for sale with prices available upon request.

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