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Classic Cars Continuation: Aston Martin announced 25 new DB4GT to be produced in 2017

After stopping the production in 1963, Aston Martin announced it will get 25 new DB4GT on circuits before the end of 2017. This exclusive, limited edition will be accompanied by a new racing series, dedicated to the iconic car.

Dec 14, 2016 | By AFPRelaxnews

If you are into classic cars, there is no way you don’t know Aston Martin DB4GT. The two-seater coupe, on track from 1959 to 1963, is famous both for its performance and its rarity: only 8 of the lightweight, track focused model have been produced, out of the total 75 editions. Aston Martin, reviving the legend, announced the creation of 25 new cars, based on the ultralight model, with VIN numbers continuing the series and securing their origins. Same template, same limitations (none of them will be accredited to be driven on road for their use is to be restricted to racing circuits) and same performances.

The DB4GT was indeed one of the fastest and more powerful cars back in the day, going from 0-60mph in 6.1 seconds, and to 0 again in 20 seconds. Based on the standard DB4, the GT was 91kg lighter, without rear seats and included a 13cm shorter wheelbase. Its 3.7 liter straight-six engine with twin-spark ignition, used technology from Aston’s 1959 Le Mans-wining DBR1, and could produce 302bhp (62bhp more than a standard DB4).

Some small but valuable changes will however be made: the engine getting a quick power boost, and the aluminum panels being cut using the latest digital technology – perfecting the already perfect car.

“For over 60 years Aston Martin Works has devoted unrivalled skill and experience to preserving Aston Martin’s heritage. Now we are creating something for the future,” said Paul Spires, Commercial Director, Aston Martin Works.

A bespoke racing series, set over 2 years, will be created for the few lucky owners, allowing them to compete on some of the world’s best circuits.

Paul Spires, Aston Martin Works’ Commercial Director, declared “[This project] offers 25 individuals the opportunity of commissioning a classic, built to modern-day standards and ready to be enjoyed in an international track driving program as bespoke and individual as the cars themselves”.  The new DB4GT production is indeed a great opportunity for all classic car addicts to get a piece of history and enter a new, really exclusive community.

Convinced and ready to buy your own? You might need to dig into your savings: the 25 models will be sold for $2million and expected to be delivered in late 2017.

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