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BMW to unveil new model at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2017

While classic cars will be the main attraction for those gathered at the Californian car show, some may be bringing brand new creations that will make their debut

Aug 05, 2017 | By LUXUO

Later this month, classic car lovers will gather at Pebble Beach in California to admire the creations by various auto makers. Joining these lovers of finely crafted vehicles is BMW who has a reputation of using the event to show off its one-off concepts. However, this year the German luxury car manufacturer will be unveiling a brand-new creation that may actually go into production once it has been revealed on August 17.

In 2016, BMW used the classic car event to present the world with the Turbomeister 2002 Hommage so bringing out a potential production model is certainly a departure from the norm. Apart from a cryptic tweet teasing fans about the reveal and an intriguing teaser sketch, BMW also claims that “the road will never be the same” as a result of the new model.

From the image provided, it is clear that the new model will be a drop top of some sort and will have cowls behind the front seats — a suggestion that this is a two-seater roadster. Another bread crumb from the image is that the model may just be a front-engine format thanks to the length of the bonnet. An easy and obvious deduction from this is that this may very well be the new successor to the Z4, though some speculate that this model may be too long to replace the relatively compact Z4.

The only logical conclusion that can be found on the new model, is that it must be the convertible version of the upcoming 8 Series flagship coupe that is very close to being released. The two-seat look of the teaser sketch does tend to contradict that particular theory, but this could just be a concept and the production model wouldn’t look greatly different with its rear seats. Regardless, all will be revealed, as they say, in just over a couple of weeks.

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