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All cars built by Jaguar Land Rover will go electric in 2020

From 2020, catch the biggest launch for Jaguar Land Rover as the brand sets sight to unveil a model range of cars in electric or hybrid guise.

Oct 12, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

The Jaguar E-Type Zero

In the recent opening of the Tech Fest event in London, company’s CEO, Dr Ralf Speth spoke about the future of mobility. He mentioned that the company has pledged to fully embrace electrified products, such as plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid vehicles for the sports coupés, luxury sedans and the formidable SUVs. The Jaguar I-PACE will be the brand’s first fully electric performance SUV when it goes on sale in 2018.

At the Tech Fest event, Jaguar also took the opportunity to reinforce its belief and commitment to attendees through the unveil of a fully restored car where the 3.8-litre 1968 E-Type Roadster was converted into a plug-in electric vehicle.

As compared to the original Jaguar E-Type, the E-Type Zero is capable of running a full second faster to 100km/h, covering 170 miles on a single charge.

The newly restored E-Type Zero is an example of a future classic supercar made possible with a hybrid concept for car aficionados.

“We’re looking forward to the reaction of our clients as we investigate bringing this concept to market.” – Tim Hannig, Jaguar Land Rover Classic’s director

According to ACEA (the association representing European car manufacturers), it reports a 38 per cent surge in demand for alternative fuel cars across the continent over the past three months compared with the second quarter of 2016. The term alternative fuels covers plug-in electric cars, plug-in hybrids and hybrids, but it also includes vehicles powered by LPG, propane or natural gas.

In the last quarter, the demand for battery electric and plug-in hybrid cars represent a large portion at 1.2 per cent of the total car sales across the European continent.

To stay in-line with automotive innovations as manufacturing has been the backbone of Europe’s economic growth, at least one third of its annual global sales will comprise of electric cars.

The ACEA’s data shows a sales record of 62,367 model electric cars and 59,813 plug-in hybrid cars sold in the region.

And when mild hybrids were added into the mix, total sales jumped to 213,252.

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