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Acura NSX Hybrid Supercar is Real

Hybrids are all the rage today as typified here with the Acura NSX hybrid supercar. It arrives four years after its debut as a concept.

May 29, 2016 | By Staff Writer

Hybrids are all the rage today, even at the supercar level, as typified here with the Acura NSX hybrid supercar, made under Honda’s luxury vehicle imprint. The cynical might think this is just a fad but, like the Koenigsegg Regera we covered earlier, these concepts are going into production, just like this iconic name from Honda. Presented for the first time as a concept car at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, it has taken four years of prototypes, development and testing of all kinds for the famously fastidious Japanese automaker to finally give the new NSX the go signal.

Those looking for that special first model to make it out of the factory, well the AFP has found its owner and how much he paid for it. The first model to roll off the production line at the Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio, USA, was snapped up for the modest sum of $1.2 million by none other than Rick Hendrick, the famous and wealthy (clearly) owner of the Hendrick Motorsport NASCAR racing team. Seriously, how can you own a NASCAR team and not be wealthy?

The Acura NSX VIN 001 offers truly impressive performances. It comes loaded with three electronic motors, a V6 biturbo VTEC engine and a nine-speed dual-clutch transmission, promising over 578 horsepower. It even uses torque vectoring technology to vary the power to each of the four wheels. It manages 0-60mph (0-100 km/h) in just 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of 190mph (305 km/h). In other words, this Japanese supercar lands with the same performances as the most prestigious hybrid sports cars, such as the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1.

The model bought by Rick Hendrick has a “Valencia Red Pearl” finish with bodywork made from a variety of materials, including carbon fiber upgrades to the roof, engine cover and rear decklid spoiler to keep the car’s weight to a minimum. This luxurious and sporty number was also finished with a leather and Alcantara interior trim.

The standard 2017 Acura NSX model will sell from $156,000.

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