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A Modern Interpretation of Classic Motorcycles

Commute to work quicker with one of these significant bike options

Dec 08, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

A Modern Interpretation of Classic Motorcycles

Arch Method 143 Motorcycle

The Arch Method 143 Motorcycle is the latest creation by Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves and the company’s co-founder, Gard Hollinger. The Arch Method 143 embraces forward thinking and engineering artistry that has always been the principles of ARCH Motorcycle. Limited to 23 units, the craftsmanship of the bodywork includes leather, carbon fiber and artfully programmed CNC machined aluminum. This progressively designed machine is powered by a massive 2,343cc, v-twin engines, and the Öhlins front fork is exclusive to the 143.

Model Electric Cafe Racer 1 Concept

With added emission-less power, the Café racer concept becomes more relevant in the modern times. As this model bike may go into production in 2018, the Model Electric Cafe Racer 1 is created by two talented designers, Pablo Baranoff Dorn and Alex Guliyants, taking cue from a vintage 125cc Honda and discarding the the ICE so that the electric motor will not be disposed. This bike is sure to grab attention on the road.

2019 Yamaha Niken Motorcycle

Unleashed at the Milan Motorcycle Show, the exterior of a Yamaha Niken is made to be light, slim and compact. The award-winning MT-09™, the advanced CP3® inline 3-cylinder motor is capable of producing exceptional torque with linear power delivery via Yamaha’s full range of performance technology. Featuring a graceful curve and a mass-forward designed LMW system, the bike highlights also the revolutionary leaning multi-wheel chassis that enhances grip for exceptional stopping power, cornering confidence and rider’s comfort. This sport touring motorcycle is available only in second half of 2018.

Barbara Triumph Black Matter Motorcycle

Eye-catching and very stylish looking. This design concept of the Black Matter is anything but a classic – a perfect example of Barbra’s forward thinking and engineering artistry of reconnecting the past by refreshing the retro style with a new design language of the future. Built with a lower structure with a sleek and minimalist appearance, the Black Matter has the benefit of maneuvering around slower-moving traffic.

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