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3 Savvy Upgrades To Make Your Car Look Luxurious

The Land Rover Defender is known to many car enthusiasts and restoration specialists as the vehicle that can go anywhere up to the ends of Earth.

Nov 30, 2021 | By LUXUO
Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender is known to many car enthusiasts and restoration specialists as the vehicle that can go anywhere up to the ends of Earth. It was first built as a small but swift cargo vehicle that can transport military gear to the farthest places where the fighting was most intense. It was also designed and conceived as a vehicle that can pass through the toughest terrain on the battlefield where the destination is surrounded by minefields and under heavy fire.

Today, the SUV remains popular among believers and lovers of the good ole overland all-terrain car. Some of them have even opted to splash some glamour on their 4x4s. If you want to know what they’ve done so far, here are some suggested savvy upgrades that have already been done on a restored Defender. These upgrades will certainly make your car look gorgeous.

Such upgrades to the Defender can be made to the inside and the outside of the vehicle. For example, switching from steel to alloy wheels can make a huge difference in terms of balance, durability, and style. You can also upgrade the tires according to your lifestyle. Whether you mostly drive road, off-road, or all-terrain, you’ll want the kind suited to your environment and make your drive as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. As for the interior, you can install a new state-of-the-art entertainment system. For something more practical, add some high-quality seat covers to protect the interior.

Match Your Exteriors And Interiors With Luxury

One of the best upgrades you can do to your Defender is to match your exteriors and interiors with the look of any one of your luxury cars. If you have one or several luxury cars, you can restore your Defender to match with one of the vehicles. There are vehicle restoration companies that are very skilled, experienced, and capable of making a restored Defender look stylish and grand. After all, there’s nothing like the old go-to machine of the US military that has no time to die and that’s turned into a match or twin of the unique and luxury vehicles in your collection. 

For example, a renowned vehicle restoration specialist has done an impressive work on twinning a modern custom Defender 110 with the client’s McLaren vehicle. The custom Defender was modified to take on a shocking red interior, which was so similar in look and feel to its McLaren sibling. 

The specialists did a lot of modifications to the body of the Defender 110. They put on a racer style front bumper on the Defender to give it the frontal look of a McLaren racing machine. They also added a full Kahn body kit to complete the stylish reprisal of its McLaren sibling. 

For the interiors, they were able to create a shocking contrast between the eggshell Quantum grey exterior colour of the Defender and its brand-new interior look. They used Spinneybeck Carmen Red & Prime Meridian upholstery to splash the interiors with red. 

The final look gives you the feel of going into a glitzy nightclub for a fast and furious ride.

Rev The Engine Power

Land Rover Defender River Crossing
Land Rover Defender River Crossing

A team of Defender specialists worked on an old Defender and replaced its original engine with an LS3 V8 under its bonnet. It took the team of specialists — who had decades of experience working on Defenders — several months of planning, design, and engineering. 

They worked on the Corvette engine to make the small-block machine mover into what they wanted for the Defender. The result of this project was a timeless classic Defender with a Corvette engine under it that could rival any off-road vehicle today. 

The project made a lot of waves and headlines in the luxury Defender world. It even started a movement among enthusiasts to swap their engines with the V8. The ECD team, which built the V8 Defender, came up with the blueprint for the seamless installation of V8 engines on Defenders. They made the restoration easier from that point on for other customers. What they achieved sparked renewed interest in manufacturing new Defenders.

The team was also able to secure nationwide service through the engine warranty that they were able to get from GM. Owing to this unprecedented success, they made the LS3 engine the standard for all company custom Defender projects moving forward.

Gear Up For Camping

Land Rover Defender 110
Camping with Land Rover Defender

Finally, one of the other great things you can do with your Defender is taking it camping. Since the Defender can go anywhere, it’s the perfect vehicle to gear up for camping and the great outdoors. A vehicle that can climb steep mountain roads, drive through thick forests and shrubs, and cross waterbodies all so effortlessly, the Defender is the most reliable thing to carry your tent. 

This was done in a project that installed a Cascadia Vehicle Tent (CVT) Mt. Shasta Summit proof-tent on a Nara Bronze Defender 110. The project team placed the two-person tent on the roof rack and added two five-gallon water reservoirs. To complete their outdoor readiness, they put in a 42-inch off-road jack and a pair of traction mats to go with the radio equipment to help people stay in touch when everything else goes silent in the wilderness.

Go Anywhere With The Defender

The Defender was built to go anywhere, amidst bombings, strafing, and under heavy fire from the enemy. In other words, it was built to withstand anything. But, of course, time and weather will take their toll on any machine, and the Defender is no exception. That’s why a lot of enthusiasts also look for savvy ways to restore, rebuild, or refurbish their old but reliable Defenders. Some have done a lot of amazing work dressing up their Defender in luxury. So why not give it a try?

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