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Book Your Private Flights With Cryptocurrencies

Besides just a form of investment, cryptocurrencies have other uses like providing a safe and transparent way to book a private jet flight.

Jun 07, 2022 | By LUXUO

By now you must know what cryptocurrency is. Indeed it is quite complicated to have missed this new giant disruptive wave of cryptocurrency in the last few years. The terms Ethereum, Bitcoin, NFT should probably be familiar.

If not, cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that use cryptography to secure transactions. The particularity of cryptocurrencies compared to traditional currencies is that there are no central issuers or regulating authorities. Instead, it relies on a very innovative concept of decentralisation. These digital assets are built on the blockchain technology. 

Nowadays, you can buy products, services or even a business trip by using a private jet rental company such as AEROAFFAIRES. 

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The main use of cryptocurrency today is mostly for trading digital assets, investing in the hundreds and thousands of different currencies hoping that it will skyrocket. Indeed, cryptocurrencies are known to be very volatile and could lead to impressive gains, but also heavy losses.

You can trade on popular exchange platforms such as Binance and also buy digital art called NFTs, which are traded on exchange platforms like OpenSea. 

Finally, cryptocurrencies are getting more democratised. Thus, we can use them to acquire “normal” services or products. For example, you can often use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum to buy luxury goods, cars, e-commerce goods, etc. If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you should probably read this.

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The big interest behind cryptocurrencies is that it is not tied to a government or regulator. Indeed, as they are decentralised they offer more flexibility and liberty. Also, one key point is the technology they rely on: the blockchain. Indeed, it makes every transaction anonymous and keeps track of every transaction.

However, on the other side, there are a lot of controversies with cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of stories of cryptocurrencies created only to be called scams or Ponzi schemes that would benefit the creators and leave the investors with no money. In the beginning, cryptocurrencies had a bad reputation as they were used to buy illegal products or services on the Dark Web. 

The advantages of using cryptocurrency to rent a private jet

In the many uses of cryptocurrencies, renting a private jet is possible. Indeed, AEROAFFAIRES is a private jet rental company that made it possible to book your trip using cryptocurrencies. Use its technology to get the best price and premium experience for your trip. 

One of the advantages of renting a private jet using cryptocurrency is the security and transparency it offers. The first advantage of the security that cryptocurrencies offer can be seen in the use of Bitcoin. It is a very safe way to handle transactions online. As it can be risky to put your credit card information on some websites, cryptocurrencies are a very interesting alternative to traditional payment methods. The main technology behind cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, ensures maximum security. As security is one of the core values at AEROAFFAIRES, it is normal to offer this to our customers in order to always be at the top of innovation and consumer satisfaction. 

Also, another big advantage of using cryptocurrencies is the low fees. Indeed, paying with cryptocurrencies usually results in very small to no fees compared to traditional transactions. It can be very interesting then to use the different cryptocurrencies to book your private rental jet trip. However, it can depend on which cryptocurrency you use as there are some that are known to have “gas fees”. 

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Moreover, if you have previously invested in cryptocurrencies it could be very interesting to use the gains you made directly rather than converting to fiduciary currencies. In most countries and regulations, there are heavy taxes on gains related to cryptocurrencies. However, if they are not converted to fiat dollars for example, there is no tax. So, it could be a good idea to pay using cryptocurrencies directly.

AEROAFFAIRES: the private jet rental company that lets you book your trip with cryptos

AEROAFFAIRES is a family-owned business created in 1991 that provides private jet rental. The company has more than 30 years of experience in this sector, and is always finding the best innovative ways for customer satisfaction. They offer best-in-class features, a tailor-made and premium experience to satisfy your needs. 

Staying at the top means using up to date technologies. This is why AEROAFFAIRES has made the choice of allowing cryptocurrencies as a payment method. It offers an even more detailed and personalised experience as customer satisfaction is the number one priority in the company. Indeed, with more than 100 reviews and an average of 4.9/5 ratings, AEROAFFAIRES is always improving their services by listening to their clients.

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