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Aircraft Gone Green: DappR Aeropods

Obsolete Airbus A32 aircrafts get an environmentally-friendly facelift in the form of unique home pieces.

Jul 14, 2016 | By Luxuo

It is generally true that obsolete airplanes destined for the scrapyard leave a lot of waste in their wake, but there is nothing one can do while planes await their impending expiration – until today. In line with the growing environmental conscience of society, meet the latest green initiative: upcycled aircraft called aeropods.

Upcycled from genuine Airbus A32 vehicles that have outlived their purpose as transportation, aeropods are unique furniture pieces that can double as home offices, gyms, gardens, home cinemas, poolside relaxation areas or even the ultimate man/woman cave – the possibilities are endless. It was a leap of faith for the father-daughter duo David and Emily Palmer behind the innovative DappR Aviation, but the results have been astounding.


“We’ve kept the original aluminum fuselage, aircraft windows and insulation and built a bespoke full aspect double glazed frontage. The walls and floor are all fully insulated with a damp proof membrane and the pod is equipped with LED lighting and 240 V sockets,” stated the Palmers, highlighting the expert workmanship behind the aeropods. In a nod towards further personalization, one can opt for different styles of lighting, finishes, and the implementation of heated floors.



It is no wonder that DappR Aviation was named one of the top 100 Innovative companies by the Cambridge and Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). But of course, when quality (and excitingly original) home decor meets sustainable options, we’re so sold.

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