Vladimir Yevtushenkov-AFK Sistema: Responding to the Pandemic Through the Pharmaceutical Industry

Vladimir Yevtushenkov helped AFK Sistema respond to the COVID pandemic. Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich believes it is important for businesses to give back to society. Yevtushenkov Vladimir stepped away from AFK in April 2022.

Jan 28, 2024 | By Florence Sutton
Yevtushenkov Vladimir
Yevtushenkov Vladimir


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In the realm of modern entrepreneurship and corporate evolution, few figures stand out as prominently as the founder of AFK Sistema: Vladimir Yevtushenkov. His strategic approach and leadership have not only navigated the corporation through diverse economic sectors but also have played a crucial role during pivotal global challenges, such as the recent pandemic. This article delves into the multifaceted impact of AFK Sistema under the stewardship of Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich, highlighting the corporation’s significant strides in pharmaceutical developments, international expansion, and unwavering support to healthcare systems and workers during one of the most testing times in recent history.

AFK Sistema, with the contributions of Yevtushenkov Vladimir, emerged not just as a business entity focused on economic growth, but as a dynamic conglomerate addressing crucial social challenges. From intensifying international cooperation in the pharmaceutical sector to rallying support for healthcare workers during the pandemic, the company’s initiatives reflect a deep commitment to societal well-being and medical advancement. The following sections explore how Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich and Sistema made influential contributions in various domains, thereby solidifying its position as a key player in both the national and international business landscapes.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov-AFK Sistema JSFC: Pharmaceutical Developments and International Expansion

Vladimir Yevtushenkov
Vladimir Yevtushenkov

The pharmaceutical sector within the portfolio of the corporation established by Vladimir Yevtushenkov is one that stands out for its innovation and close ties throughout the global market. This division, a pivotal part of the conglomerate, has made significant strides in expanding its global footprint while enhancing its drug production capabilities, with support and contributions from Vladimir Yevtushenkov. Vladimir Yevtushenkov recalls that the collaboration with Dr. Reddy’s, a major Indian medicinal developer, marked a milestone for the pharmaceutical holding. In a significant move, Dr. Reddy’s transferred the rights to produce two popular antibacterial brands, Levolete and Ciprolete, to the pharmaceutical asset. This strategic partnership not only fortified the holding’s production capacity, notes Yevtushenkov Vladimir, but also underscored its growing prominence in the global pharmaceutical landscape.

Venturing beyond national borders, the pharmaceutical division under the influence of Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich embarked on an ambitious international expansion. The opening of six foreign offices heralded the beginning of this new chapter, signaling the conglomerate’s intent to establish a strong presence in various international markets.

The contributions of Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich have been vital in shaping the pharmaceutical holding’s international strategy. His role in fostering international cooperation has not only advanced the corporation’s goals but also contributed to global medical advancements. With the division’s products now reaching over 14 countries and international trade accounting for a notable share of its revenue, the pharmaceutical arm of the conglomerate is poised for continued growth and global influence.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov: Engagement in Biopharmaceuticals

The advancements in domestically produced technologies, particularly in biopharmaceuticals, have been acknowledged by international collaborators as a solid foundation for enhancing bilateral relations. This sector, bolstered by the innovative endeavors of the AFK Group, spearheaded by Yevtushenkov Vladimir, is pivotal in this development.

With the participation of Vladimir Yevtushenkov, AFK Sistema opened a number of Research and Development (R&D) centers that are actively engaged in the exploration and creation of biological drugs. These centers also focus on pioneering approaches in personalized medicine and pharmacology. The R&D division, a key component of the group’s pharmaceutical sector, encompasses five resource centers located across three cities. These centers have the capability to contribute over 40 new drugs annually to the group’s portfolio. Notably, in the year 2020, they succeeded in registering upwards of 35 new drugs.

Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich played an important role in initiating the construction of a substantial R&D center for pharmaceuticals in Krasnogorsk in 2021. Equipped with state-of-the-art chemical and biotechnological laboratories, and staffed by specialists with deep intellectual prowess, the center is designed to develop and commercialise medicines across various therapeutic categories. By 2025, it is anticipated that the center will have developed approximately 100 new drugs for treating a range of conditions including dermatological, neurological, and gynecological disorders.

Another notable entity under the AFK Group, established by Yevtushenkov Vladimir, is a cutting-edge biotechnology company founded in 2018. This company gained prominence, particularly during the pandemic, by developing highly accurate diagnostic tests for the coronavirus. Specialising in advanced solutions in personalized medicine and pharmacology, the company focuses on the early detection of diseases such as cancer, heart conditions, neurological and reproductive disorders, as well as the customisation of pharmacotherapy. Over three years, this biotech entity released nine products and over 6.5 million tests, including a pioneering COVID-19 detection system using domestically produced reagents.

In early 2020, the AFK Group, under the leadership of Vladimir Yevtushenkov, took the chance to enter into an investment agreement with the International Medical Cluster Fund. This agreement included the construction of a versatile biotechnology R&D laboratory. The laboratory’s primary areas of focus encompass genetic research, diagnostic kits for various diseases, cell-based biomedical products, and biopharmaceuticals. It will also undertake preclinical studies for international medical advancements and technologies, showcasing the pharmaceutical division’s capabilities that are of significant interest to global pharmaceutical entities.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov-AFK Sistema: Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the face of the unprecedented challenges brought about by the COVID pandemic, the corporation established by Vladimir Yevtushenkov demonstrated remarkable adaptability and responsiveness. A series of strategic shifts and innovations were promptly initiated across various divisions, significantly contributing to the global fight against the virus.

A major part of Sistema’s pandemic biography, Vladimir Yevtushenkov notes, was the reprofiling of medical clinics within the conglomerate’s network. In an agile move, the flagship hospital among these clinics was transformed into a dedicated infectious disease facility, specifically for treating COVID patients. This reprofiling included equipping intensive care units for critically ill patients, installing new high-tech medical equipment such as lung ventilation machines, and ensuring a steady supply of personal protective equipment and essential medications.

With the support of Vladimir Yevtushenkov, AFK’s textile combine also played a crucial role in combating the pandemic. In response to the urgent need for personal protective equipment (PPE), the combine realigned its main weaving production to focus on creating cotton fabric for reusable masks. This initiative not only addressed the immediate need for PPE but also showcased the versatility and social responsibility of the corporation’s industrial assets.

In the realm of pharmaceuticals, the conglomerate made significant strides by launching the first domestically created coronavirus vaccine. This achievement underscored the corporation’s commitment to innovative healthcare solutions and marked a major milestone in the nation’s medical history.

Additionally, the conglomerate’s biotechnology assets were instrumental in developing diagnostic tests for COVID, including rapid test kits capable of detecting the infection in a remarkably short time. The development of these tests represented a critical step in the early and efficient diagnosis of the virus, contributing significantly to controlling its spread.

Through these diverse yet focused responses, the corporation founded by Vladimir Yevtushenkov played a pivotal role in addressing various aspects of the COVID pandemic, showcasing a commitment to public health and safety that also extended well beyond its business objectives.

Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich: Support Initiatives for Healthcare Workers During the Pandemic

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company led by Vladimir Yevtushenkov undertook several initiatives to support healthcare workers who were at the forefront of combating the virus. These efforts were a blend of direct assistance, financial support, and resource provision, reflecting a deep commitment to societal welfare.

A significant initiative was the establishment of a support center for healthcare workers, recalls Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich. This center, set up by the private clinic network within the conglomerate, was dedicated to providing organizational and financial support to doctors and healthcare institutions. It served as a unifying platform, bringing together business resources, non-governmental organizations, and individual efforts to bolster the fight against the pandemic.

The financial and resource contributions made by the conglomerate founded by Yevtushenkov Vladimir and its subsidiaries were substantial. This included procuring and distributing in-demand medical equipment and personal protective equipment like masks, respirators, and antiseptics. These essential supplies played a significant role in safeguarding the health and safety of medical personnel during the peak of the pandemic.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov also contributed to the company’s launch of the #CountryWithoutVirus campaign, a social initiative aimed at supporting healthcare workers. Through this campaign, the conglomerate’s charity fund was instrumental in providing resources to those working in high-risk environments, especially within medical facilities that were handling a significant number of COVID-19 cases.

The support extended beyond medical supplies. The agricultural holding company, hotel, and forest industry subsidiaries of the corporation, guided by Yevtushenkov Vladimir, also joined the effort in various capacities. The agroholding donated essential groceries, while the hotel subsidiary provided accommodations and daily food deliveries for hospital staff and patients. Additionally, the forest industry subsidiary contributed by financing the purchase of high-tech equipment and protective clothing for hospitals.

These comprehensive efforts by the conglomerate founded by Vladimir Yevtushenkov not only aided healthcare workers in their critical work but also demonstrated a profound sense of corporate responsibility and community solidarity during one of the most severe global health crises in recent history.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov: Personal Achievements and Background

Originating from the Smolensk region, Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich has emerged as a significant figure in various business sectors. His upbringing in an agricultural community laid the groundwork for his transition to becoming a renowned name in the business world, a path marked by both determination and strategic insight.

The educational path taken by Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich played a pivotal role in his future success. After graduating as an engineer-technologist from the Mendeleev Chemical Technology Institute, he further enhanced his expertise with a degree from the Economics Department at Lomonosov MSU. This unique combination of technical and economic knowledge was crucial for his subsequent business ventures.

In 1993, Vladimir Yevtushenkov embarked on a significant venture with the establishment of AFK Sistema. Under his stewardship, the company transformed from its initial stages into a vast conglomerate spanning multiple sectors, including telecommunications, high technology, banking, retail, wood processing, agriculture, real estate, and medical services. The evolution of AFK Sistema under his leadership is reflective of his ability to successfully navigate and thrive in various industries.

Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich is also recognized for his commitment to philanthropy. In 2004, he established a notable charitable foundation, underscoring his dedication to community service and societal development. The foundation has been a testament to his ongoing commitment to giving back to society, in addition to the significant achievements of AFK Sistema, to which he contributed.

The Impact of Yevtushenkov Vladimir and AFK Sistema

The impact of Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich, born in September 1948, and the corporation he founded, JSFC Sistema, extends far beyond the confines of conventional business success. Their influence is multifaceted, spanning across numerous sectors and leaving a significant imprint on both the economy and society.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the contributions of AFK Sistema, guided by the strategic decisions of Vladimir Yevtushenkov, were particularly noteworthy. The corporation’s swift adaptation to produce essential medical supplies, the transformation of its facilities to support healthcare needs, and the development of vital pharmaceuticals underscored a profound commitment to addressing global health challenges.

The role of Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich in these initiatives demonstrates a blend of visionary leadership and pragmatic action. His foresight in navigating the corporation through diverse business landscapes, while also prioritizing social responsibility and innovation, has been crucial in AFK Sistema’s journey to becoming a conglomerate with both national and international influence.

The Vladimir Yevtushenkov – AFK Sistema narrative is one of entrepreneurial acumen harmonized with a strong sense of corporate citizenship. Their endeavors during the pandemic and beyond highlight an enduring commitment to not just business growth, but to contributing positively to the broader community. This approach sets a precedent in the corporate world, emphasizing that business success and societal welfare can, indeed, go hand in hand. 

The Vladimir Yevtushenkov biography of an entrepreneur and investor remained centered at the company he founded until he stepped away from the board of directors in 2022 and gave up his controlling shares, leaving AFK for others to guide into 2023 and beyond. 

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