User-Friendly Financial Strategies for Globetrotters

LUXUO has the latest breakdown in diversifying your financial portfolio while on the go — from online trading to the stock market.

Jan 29, 2024 | By Florence Sutton
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For individuals who spend much of their time traversing the globe, maintaining a robust investment portfolio is not just a matter of securing a financial future. It can also be a vehicle for sustaining their adventurous lifestyle. 

Globetrotters face unique financial challenges and opportunities. Their travels mean they need flexible investment strategies they can manage from anywhere and adapt to different time zones and markets. Diversifying their investments becomes paramount, providing a safety net against the unpredictable nature of global economics and personal circumstances.

This unique vantage point enables them to identify and capitalise on emerging opportunities across different regions in developed or emerging markets.

Investment Options for Frequent Travelers

Here are some investment vehicles that anyone can do from anywhere in the world:

Online Options Trading

Online options trading stands out as a flexible investment strategy for globetrotters. This investment gives investors the right to purchase or trade an underlying asset at a set price before a specific date. However, they are not under obligation to do so.

The appeal of online options trading lies in its flexibility and the potential for high returns. In 2022, the total number of options contracts traded reached USD 10.38 billion

Image taken from the Options Clearing Corporation

The key advantage of options trading is the ability to trade anywhere worldwide, as long as they have internet access. This form of trading requires a good grasp of market trends and risk management, skills that can be honed while traveling. 

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

REITs present a lucrative option for travelers, offering exposure to real estate without the burdens of direct property management. This investment vehicle, which typically deals with commercial real estate, allows investors to earn dividends from real estate investments. They can do so without buying, managing, or financing any properties themselves. 

The second draw for travelers investing in REITs is the benefit of geographic diversification. By investing in various properties across different regions, investors can mitigate risks associated with specific local markets. 

For instance, a downturn in the European property market might be balanced by a thriving Asian real estate market. This aspect of REITs appeals to those who understand the dynamics of various global markets, a likely scenario for frequent travelers.

Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading

Forex trading is another avenue well-suited for globetrotters. This market, with an average daily turnover exceeding USD 7.5 trillion as of April 2022, offers high liquidity and 24-hour trading. 

Image taken from BIS Triennial Central Bank Survey

For travelers, this means the ability to trade currencies from anywhere in the world, aligning with their nomadic lifestyle. 

Being exposed to currency fluctuations, globetrotters often develop an intuitive understanding of Forex markets, an advantage in currency trading.

The volatile nature of forex markets requires traders to be well-informed and cautious. Travelers, with their global perspective, can leverage their exposure to different economies and political climates to make informed trading decisions. 

Note that forex trading isn’t for everyone, and it requires a significant amount of time and effort to understand and navigate effectively.

Global Stock Markets

Investing in global stock markets is a third option tailored for the globetrotting investor. The accessibility of international stock markets through various online platforms makes investments in different countries’ economies possible. The aggregate value of global stock market capitalisation was estimated at over USD 109 trillion, showcasing the vast opportunities available in this sector.

Image taken from the Visual Capitalist

For the traveler, this investment option offers the benefit of portfolio diversification and the potential to capitalise on growth in emerging and established markets worldwide.

Travelers can reduce country-specific and sector-specific risks by investing in various companies and sectors across different countries. Exposure to different cultures and economies that come with frequent traveling can also provide unique insights into market trends and consumer behavior. Such insights pave the way for smarter investment choices.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

An ETF is a type of security that tracks an index, sector, commodity, or other asset. However, it can be bought and sold on a stock exchange like a regular stock. A key benefit of ETFs is their diversification, as they often contain a variety of stocks or assets. 

According to a report, bond ETF assets reached USD 300 billion in 2023, reflecting their increasing popularity among investors.

Travelers may find ETFs appealing due to their simplicity and the ease of managing investments while on the move. ETFs provide exposure to a range of sectors or regions without the need to analyse and invest in individual stocks. It’s a time-efficient option for those with a transient lifestyle. 

Furthermore, the liquidity of ETFs allows for easy entry and exit. It’s a useful feature for investors who need to change their strategies in response to changing travel plans or financial needs.

Diversify Investments While Traveling

For globetrotters, investment opportunities like REITs, Forex trading, and global stock markets provide financial growth and align well with their lifestyles. However, it’s essential to approach these investments with a clear strategy and an understanding of the associated risks. 

Given the rapid evolution of global markets, stay informed through credible financial news sources and consulting with financial advisors. By doing so, travelers can effectively manage their investments while enjoying their adventurous lifestyles.

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