Top 4 Colleges That Produce the Richest People in the World

Education matters a lot as it ensures great career success. Then there are some routine colleges, and there are those that produce the maximum number of rich people in the world. Here’s the list.

Feb 06, 2023 | By LUXUO
Harvard University
Image: Harvard University

More often, people get amazed by different things. Some are amazed by individuals who dropped out of college and succeeded in life. People like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs dropped from college and later became billionaires. Others complete college and succeed in life too.

They are the billionaires people read about in the latest Forbes list. They graduated from different universities across the world. Some graduated from the University of Harvard. Others are from Mumbai University and many other institutions. Here are the top universities that produce the richest people globally. For those wanting to enter a college can consider using professional essay writers from USA to help with the application process.

Harvard University — 29 billionaires with a total net worth of US$207 billion

Harvard University
Image: Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the universities with the most billionaires. The university is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. To date, it has produced 29 billionaires. Seventeen of them created their wealth in finance and investment. The newest billionaires from Harvard are Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. They made their fortunes in cryptocurrencies. University education is a bridge to a brighter future. After graduation, students can either become employees or entrepreneurs. Those who become investors, innovators, or entrepreneurs build their fortunes over many years. They finally enter the list of top billionaires in the world. Success in college requires effort and support from different places. For example, when writing an essay, students get writing help by edubirdie professional writers. It is one of the ways to write quality papers that earns the best grades.

Getting back to the Harvard story, some of the other Harvard billionaires are Steve Ballmer, who owns the Los Angeles Clippers. He has a fortune of US$68.7 billion. Jorge Paulo is worth US$16.9 billion made from the food and beverage sector.

Columbia University — 11 billionaires with a total net worth of US$40.9 billion

Columbia University
Image: Columbia University

Columbia University is on the list of colleges that produce the most millionaires. The key billionaire from this university is Warren Buffet. He showed entrepreneurial skills from his childhood. He first joined the University of Pennsylvania and then Columbia University Business School. His first company was called Buffett Partnership Limited. His net worth is US$68.5 billion. Another key person is Henry Kravis. He graduated with an MBA degree in 1969. He partnered with two other friends and started Kohlberg, Kravis, and Roberts & Co. LP (KKR). Kravis is known for his philanthropy. His net worth is US$4.4 billion.

University of Mumbai — 20 billionaires with a combined net worth of US$162.8 billion

University of Mumbai
Image: University of Mumbai

The University of Mumbai is one of the largest institutions globally. It is also among the oldest universities in India. It is the only school that produces the most millionaires outside the US to rank in the top 10. Out of the twenty billionaires, sixteen inherited their wealth from their parents. One of them is Mukesh Ambani, the owner of Reliance Industries. He deals in gas, oil, telecoms, and petroleum chemicals. His net worth is US$94.6 billion. Uday Kotak started Kotak Mahindra Bank from scratch. He started it as a finance company in 1985, and it grew to become India’s top bank. In 2014, he acquired the Indian operations of ING Bank. His net worth is US$14.6 billion.

University of Cambridge — 4 billionaires with a net worth of $10.27 billion

St. John's College, University of Cambridge
Image: University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is one of the oldest universities in the UK. It was started in 1209 and is today a top research university in the world. The university is leading in total assets, which stand at £11.8 billion. It is one of the schools that produce the most millionaires in the UK. It has 111 millionaires spread across the world. It has four alumni who have made it to the rank of billionaires. One of them is Andrew Christopher, also known as Currie. He owns INEOS Pharmaceuticals. According to Forbes in 2022, his net worth is US$5 billion. The next one is John Reece. He is the finance director at INEOS Pharmaceuticals. His net worth is US$5 billion, according to Forbes. Another billionaire is Mark Coombs. He started working with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group. He later founded several companies. His main company is Ashmore, an investment management company. The company manages nearly US$90 billion in assets. His net worth is US$1.7 billion.


Various universities around the world boast of alumni who became billionaires. Some completed their degree programs while others didn’t. Those who didn’t complete their degrees are billionaires like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Those who completed are billionaires like Andrew Cristopher from Cambridge University. Warren Buffet graduated from Colombia University. Steve Ballmer and Jorge Paulo are from Harvard University. The University of Mumbai boasts billionaire alumni like Mukesh Ambani and Uday Kotak.

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